A Millennial take on food consumption

A Millennial take on food consumtion

Kimberly Egan, CEO of the Center for Culinary Development, already stated in 2009: “Generation Y has a game-changing approach to food consumption that will definitely affect how other demographics, including Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, shop and eat”. (Progressive Grocer, Read More

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The future of home cooking? Robot chefs

Moley robot chef

When we think about robotics, the typical image that usually crosses our minds, due to Hollywood’s massive influence, is something futuristic that looks surreal and almost impossible to market. Chappie, Ex-machina and I, Robot are just a few examples of Read More

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Let’s get personal with NextGen

Next up in our NextGen (Gen Y & Z) DNA characteristics series is the third DNA aspect: ‘I am making it’, in other words: personalization. One of the questions we asked in our global cross-generational study to four different generations Read More

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Replay the Millennials at Work webinar

Replay the Millennials at Work webinar

Earlier this week InSites Consulting hosted the Millennials at Work Webinar with Joeri Van den Bergh. A 30min live YouTube broadcast on how to attract, engage and retain Millennial talent in your organization. Missed it? Not to worry, the full Read More

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The Scandinavian way of working? Lagom!

The Scandinavian model - working by the Lagom principle

Whereas Silicon Valley is widely considered to be the economic darling of this era, Scandinavia is often appraised on a more societal level, providing a rich balance of personal comfort, economic strength and overall societal welfare to its inhabitants. This Read More

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