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Pieter-Jan Gheysen

Pieter-Jan Gheysen is a student Communication Sciences at the University of Ghent. Next year he will be starting his Master in Communication Management and finish his thesis about consumer behavior in relation to cosmetics. To get some learning-on-the-job experience, Pieter-Jan joined the InSites team as an intern. Interested in the relationship between consumer behavior and marketing, Pieter-Jan is responsible for watching future Gen Y trends and building the CRUSH-cases database. Because of this interest, Pieter-Jan will also join the strategy department at BBDO Brussels as an intern in 2014.

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Gen Y Trends: The end of conspicuous branding?

Top Brands

Millennials are increasingly less interested in logo-centric clothes and want unbranded goods more and more. This growing trend for unbranded goods fits, in turn, in another broader trend among Millennials; the increasing trend to create their own personal style. If Read More

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GenYus Campaigns: Dumb ways to die

Dumb ways to die

Young people really don’t listen to safety messages anymore. Generation Y (and the following Generation Z) are often so busy replying to a text or checking their Facebook while waiting for the train or metro to arrive, that they forget Read More

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