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Maarten Lagae

InSites Consulting

Maarten Lagae works as a research manager at InSites Consulting and has been working closely with Joeri on various kids & teens marketing research projects. Before joining InSites Consulting, Maarten has also worked as intern for the MTV Networks Beligum research department for 3 months. Next to kids & teens marketing, his passions and expertise are innovation and branding.

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Don’t mention the S-word !

Don' t mention the S-word

This is a true story about Gen Y on the work floor. Every year over again when the trees in our garden are losing their leafs, my girlfriend starts dreaming about going on winter holidays. It is also the time Read More

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How far can you stretch it?

How far can you stretch it?

What to do if you’re marketing the strongest brand in the market, but unfortunately the market is gradually declining? Whatever you and your competitors have tried, less of your products are being bought. What would you do? Take it for granted, do Read More

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