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Josip Petrusa

It's Josip not Joseph

Josip Petrusa is a Millennial and Generation Y blogger based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Josip, a Millennial himself, writes extensively about his generation from his own unique point-of-view on his blog "it's Josip not joseph". Anything from the context of brands, marketing and social media to psychological aspects, insights and how you might attract them are just but a few aspects he covers. This has lead him to work with a series of clients to help them contextualize and understand this generation. Recently, Josip has been involved with presentations and speaking engagements such as IBM's Smarter Leaders, the Digital Behaviours Conference held in Toronto and the PCMA Convening Leaders Conference held in Las Vegas.

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Leveraging Millennialness of Millennials

Leveraging Millennialness of Millennials

In an increasingly competitive world, the slightest edge, the smallest advantage could have profound effects. Understanding the possible impacts behind any and all characteristics has become a very notable trend. No percentage point is too insignificant. No behaviour goes unnoticed. Read More

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