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Gila Allswang

InSites Consulting

Gila Allswang is interning at the InSites Consulting NYC office, while finishing her undergraduate studies in Economics at Yeshiva University. In addition to being passionate about Millennial marketing trends, she enjoys running, Broadway shows and traveling to tropical islands.

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The future of the (digital) music industry

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s recent decision to remove her music from Spotify had the Internet in an uproar. The 25-year-old pop/country singer has released many chart topping songs and has a sizable fan base. Her decision to stop streaming her music stems Read More

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The rise of secret social media

Secret social media

Tired of scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, refreshing your Twitter home page and flipping through your Instagram feed? You are not alone! An increasing number of people feel the same way about the constant bombardment of baby pictures, engagement announcements Read More

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