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Elias Veris

InSites Consulting

Interested in all things humans do, Elias started off by studying psychology. Soon realizing that lots of great things are done in within the business environment, a focus on consumer and work psychology, and an extra master in marketing management at Vlerick management school got him involved in the research world at InSites consulting. Now an R&D consultant, Elias further explores human behaviour and how to research and apply it to make it profitable for the marketing & HR department. Inspiration comes from versatility he believes, with some of his other passions being the online world (on twitter via @eliasveris), art and design and a vast array of other stuff. He’s always looking for a conversation and a coffee, so please feel free to contact the man!

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Join us in a GenY game!

Join us in a GenY game!

We believe that research results have more impact when turned into an experience in which company researchers and their marketers are entertained with insights or when they – literally – can ‘play’ with the results (‘infotainment’). Very soon, Tom De Read More

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Game Invaders – Gen Y’s collective memory

Game Invaders – Gen Y's collective memory

Today, I got inspired by the MTV Sticky website/newsletter. It’s funny. Not so long ago, computer games were bad. Capital-letter bad. Games were the forces of evil. Gaming made children epileptic, fat, stupid and violent. Games immersed little kids so Read More

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How innocent creates happiness

How innocent creates happiness

Hi, I’m Elias, and I belong to generation Y. I so happen to work in the same company as Joeri, and thus have the privilege of sharing some of my thoughts via this blog with you today. If you’d like Read More

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