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Christmas Countdown Calendar Madness

Oooh welcome December, it’s time to kick off the countdown to the most wonderful time of the year. And this year more than ever, there are loads of possibilities to countdown to those cozy days with your loved ones. Forget your paper calendar (the one you never even look at, do you?), or those online countdown calendars and say hi to the abundance of offline countdown advent calendars, in all tastes, sizes, forms & contents. The trend has even gone this far, that chocolate countdown calendars are perceived as so 2016. Why have a chocolate a day if you can have a gin, wine, face mask or cheese to count December away? That might also keep the doctor away :).

But why is this so popular all the sudden, especially amongst today’s youth? NextGens are experience-seekers, both in life and with brands, and that’s exactly the reason why a lot of brands are jumping on the Christmas-Calendar-Countdown-wagon; they want consumers to experience their personal countdown to the most wonderful time of the year, with their brand! Moreover, brands are focusing more and more on the emotional bonding layer and are trying to link their purpose and/or campaign to a quest for family closeness. And what better way to countdown to cozy days with your loved ones, than a countdown calendar of your choice?

So, have you gotten your countdown buddy yet? If not, here are some of our favorites listed for you:

For beer & wine lovers, buy yourself one of Aldi’s wine– or Beerhawk’s craft beer calendars. Behind every door, you’ll find a new mini bottle of wine or an exclusive (pale, saison, lager, …) craft beer. Your perfect company on the couch whilst recovering after a long day at work.

For those who are fans of something stronger, Debenham’s Baileys or Ginfoundry’s gin advent calendar are here. Surviving the cold & snowy days December’s bringing will definitely work with these small buddies. No worries, of course there’s something for everyone, so also for our tea & coffee lovers. These non-alcoholic calendar buddies will guide you towards the holidays just as much.

And if you feel like having a snack whilst enjoying your gin, wine or beer, feel free to combine it with Asda’s cheese or B&M’s Pringles advent calendar. This just calls for some great combinations.

More interested in having your skin, hair & body in perfect shape by the end of the year? Then there’s ASOS’ beauty or H&M’s beauty & accessory advent calendar: 24 days of beauty product & accessory overload. What more do you want?


Want to share this countdown experience with your loved one? Then there’s Hotel Chocolat’s calendar for two, because sharing is caring! And if you want to go from sharing to daring, Lovehoney’s sex toy advent calendar will definitely do the trick ?. On top, to really spice up the countdown, one can even buy an advent calendar surprising you with a chili a day: a lot of spiciness guaranteed.

Finally, we cannot forget about our very little ones. That’s why Disney & Lego also came up with some very cool countdown calendars. You’re never too young to own a very cool countdown calendar, so don’t forget your children in this unique experience ;).

So, whether you choose a gin-, wine-, beer- or cheesbuddy to countdown to the Christmas holidays, I’m sure you’ll make it a great experience anyway.

Enjoy the countdown!

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