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3 tips to get your brand stuck into consumers minds 3 tips to get your brand stuck into consumers’ minds

Last Thursday, I was one of the 1400 lucky marketers attending UBA Trends Day, a not-to-miss conference in Brussels where likeminded people from the Belgian advertising industry meet and open their minds in order to get inspired. The line-up of speakers was promising and their content got stuck in my mind. Let that be the thing that is not easy for marketers to achieve these days: make sure your brand, message or idea gets stuck into people’s minds.

The fact that while you were reading this introduction, about 400 new webpages were created in the online space (17! pages per second), shows we’re living in a time of information overload and big data. Yet, being exposed to more information does not mean that we’re able to consume more. Consequently, the challenge for your brand – like Andrew Davis stated – is to fit into the information one WANTS to consume. The question is: how?

There are probably 1001 tips & tricks out there, but here are 3 very useful ones that got stuck into our minds from last week’s UBA Trends Day.

Tip 1: Creating magic costs nothing

The first speaker, Patrick Dixon, already set the right tone by stating brands need to create magic to be ready for the future. And magic costs nothing. That is if you keep in mind, of course, what the future holds. And according to Dixon (and his recent book Futurwise), that FUTURE is becoming Faster, more Urban, more Tribal, more Universal, more Radical and more Ethical. And to find your magic in there, you need to focus on the little data and the life journey of your consumers rather than the big data. You need to keep in mind that your consumers are getting more impatient and emotional to all that’s coming their way. But most importantly, you need to sell something you really believe in. Only then you’ll be able to create true magic.

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: Find your magic in the #littledata, not the #bigdata insit.es/2na4qXZ by @MasNatalie via @CoolBrands #branding #ubatd cc @patrickdixon

Founder Manu Beers and Head of Media & Marketing Michael Dujardin taught us how the world’s most famous festival Tomorrowland puts that into practice. Not only did they create a strong brand and a global experience that everyone wants to be part of lately, but they have really become one with the brand. They believe what they sell and that makes all the difference.

They live today, love Tomorrow(land) & unite (people) forever. And that’s, by the way, exactly what I’ll be doing the last weekend of July.

Tip 2: Treat your content like a product

Secondly, Andrew Davis’ clear and fresh view on content marketing and how your brand can stand out by treating the content that surrounds it like a product, also got stuck in my mind. We marketers need to be smarter about the content we create and we need to build, brand & market our marketing. We need to get closer to our customers’ everyday experience and put our audience first, rather than our brand. Red Bull is famous for putting the wants and needs of its audience first (think about the skateboard platform they’ve created for their fans), but small(er) brands can also succeed here. Fish Tales, a Dutch seafood brand, climbed its way up (big time) by trying to create a strong content brand from scratch. And it did all that successfully, because even I am already looking forward to what recipes & cooking tips Fishy Friday has in store for me this week!

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: Why marketers need to build, brand & market their #contentmarketing insit.es/2na4qXZ by @MasNatalie via @Coolbrands #ubatd cc @DrewDavidHere

Tip 3: Do what you can’t

Sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? Well, after you’ve heard Kevin Alloca’s speech, you’ll understand it. Being Head of Culture & Trends at YouTube, he knows best what YouTube is for people like us: a channel where individual expression is key, a platform that is a reflection by and for people with a certain passion, interest or particular knowledge. All true, but it’s also a platform that makes people able to do what they can’t. Still not feeling it? Check out the movie below. So, as a marketer, try to think out of the box. Do what you can’t, to get stuck in consumers’ minds!

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: Do what you can’t to get stuck in consumers’ minds insit.es/2na4qXZ by @MasNatalie via @CoolBrands #ubatd #branding cc @shockallocca

And should it still be a rather fluffy concept for you, there’s futurist Gerd Leonhard to make it even more clear. He’s stating that we marketers are stuck in-between technology vs. human connection. You might not expect it, but it’s a fact that marketing will evolve in the domain of making ethical decisions. We need to look ahead and not stare blindly into all the data and technology overload that’s coming our way.  We need to focus on the things that CAN’T be automated, because the future lies in everything that’s not routine.

Are you ready to break the routine and create some magic? I hope these 3 tips got stuck in your minds as well! Good luck!

Co-written with Pieter De Vuyst, Business Director at InSites Consulting.

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