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How kids influence where we go on holiday How kids influence where we go on holiday

Unless you’re living somewhere in the pacific or any other year-round sunny destination, you’re probably also feeling the icy cold winter kicking in and are longing for summer holidays and warm travel destinations. Time to let the planning begin! If you have kids, chances are high that they will be the ones choosing your holiday destination.

Kids have a major influence on their parents; a recent study by InSites Consulting amongst four generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z) demonstrated how parents are no longer the sole decision makers in the household. In the US, 58% of teens (12 years or older) living at home states to influence their parents as for the food consumed at home. Besides influencing food choices, 44% of US youth says to decide which programs or movies are being watched at home. This tech-savvy generation also has an important influence on the technologies which are adopted by their parents (50%).

And even when it comes to picking a holiday destination, parents are not fully in control as 40% of teens states they influence where the family holiday will be taking place. This is not only visible in the US; also across Europe and Australia we see that household decisions are taken as a family as a whole and that parents grant their children a voice equal to their own.

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: 40% of US teens influences the family holiday destination insit.es/2jwyhZC by @KPallini via @CoolBrands #nextgen #holidays #geny #genz

So if it was all up to them, where would they take us? We asked today’s youth about the destinations on their bucket list. The most popular destinations on the US youth’s travel wish list are Sydney (60%), Paris (54%) and Tokyo (53%).

Most popular holiday destinations according to US youth

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: Top holiday destinations according to US youth insit.es/2jwyhZC by @KPallini via @CoolBrands #nextgen #holidays #geny #genz

So in case you’re still doubting as to where your next holiday might take you, surely your kids will help you decide!

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