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Vlerick NextGen Marketing Battle Vlerick Next Gen Marketing Battle

Today’s younger generations (Gen Y and Gen Z) have skills, preferences and attitudes that challenge traditional marketing models. As they are both the professionals and customers of the future, brands have much to gain by interacting and co-creating with these generations.

On Saturday February 18, Vlerick Business School, in collaboration with InSites Consulting, hosts a true battle of the generations. In the Vlerick Next Gen Marketing Battle, we challenge members of the new generations to generate marketing ideas for their generation. The game will be structured along the typical stages of a marketing strategy. At the end of each stage, you will be challenged with some unexpected twists and turns. These will either allow you to take a shortcut or will require you to dive deeper into the case. After the final stage, all teams will battle it out during their pitch to the companies. The winning teams will get a special reward and will be granted a 10% scholarship to one of the Vlerick Masters programmes.

Before the battle kicks off, I’ve been invited to immerse the participants into the NextGen world, sharing the most remarkable differences and similarities between and across the current consumer generations, uncovering 7 consumers trends and 4 ways to make brands future-proof.

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: Win a 10% #Vlerick Masters scholarship! @InSites is challenging #students @Vlerick #NextGen Marketing Battle insit.es/2hVqcu1

So, apply now, send in your CV, join the Vlerick Next Gen Marketing Battle and get a fresh take on how to successfully and more effectively market products and services to Generations Y and Z. Ready for the challenge? Start with the YouTube quiz below!

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: Ready for the @Vlerick #NextGen Marketing Battle? Find out in this interactive YouTube quiz with @Joeri_InSites insit.es/2hVqcu1

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One Response to “Vlerick Next Gen Marketing Battle”

  1. Christophe Gonzalez

    I’ve seen (and loved) Joeri’s presentation on branding to generations Y & Z and would love to be a part of this.

    I’ve experimented with a twist on traditional Twitter campaigns with one of my own projects, have a look: https://www.coffeeshopfreelancers.com/kanye-star-trek-increased-twitter-interactions-600