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Youth bucket list What’s on today’s youth’s bucket list

I wanna be a billionaire so freakin’ bad, buy all of the things I never had. Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine, smiling next to Oprah and the Queen…” This might be on Bruno Mars’ wish list for when he becomes a billionaire (and with a net income of 75 million in 2016 alone he might be getting there soon). Billionaire-ship might not be so near for us average humans, this does not mean we do not have a bucket list in mind.

We asked today’s American youth what’s on their bucket list and it might come to you as a surprise but both Generation Z and Millennials are quite humble in what they wish to experience before they leave this world.

The top item on their bucket list, is becoming a parent. And even in times where blended families aren’t the exception youngsters still want to seal their love with marriage, 1 in 3 has getting married on their bucket list. This top two is similar to what we saw previous years. Yet in comparison with before, we see more altruistic behavior filling the list (especially for Millennials), with giving money to a stranger, making a donation and saving someone’s life climbing in the top ten. When it comes to achievements in life building a house is also big on youngsters’ wish list as well as starting their own business.

The NextGen 2016 bucketlist

Having an own business is also considered as a parameter for success amongst today’s youth. When we ask them what characterizes a successful person being rich is rather low on the list (sorry Bruno, you are a great artist and we love the song but today’s youth clearly understands that money does not necessarily buy happiness). According to US youth someone is successful in life when they are happy, confident, have a happy, wealthy and healthy family and have a stress-free life. Having a successful career is also linked to success and owning a business and a house are closing the top ten.

Characteristics of a succesful person

Being rich or becoming a billionaire is not the key priority in life for today’s youth (this does not mean that they would not like to have all the money in the world, who wouldn’t want that). These generations, continuously wired to their smartphones and always connected, are more traditional (valuing the family aspect) and altruistic than one might expect. They care for the small things in life and their true life goal is to find happiness.

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