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Lack of confidence amongst teenagers Only 1 in 3 teenagers feels confident about their body

As we are heading towards November, we can officially say that winter is coming. Although this means we will have to miss the sunny outdoors for the coming 6 months (or so), you have to admit that the end of summer also comes with some type of relief, namely that for the next few months we can ignore the pressure of getting that ultimate bikini body. The craze for getting the perfect beach body usually starts after New Year (when we all had way too much turkey) and gets to an ultimate high right when summer is knocking at the door.

The pressure on how to look is especially present amongst the youngest generations. Today’s teens are very conscious about their appearance; a large study conducted by InSites Consulting in the US amongst 4 generations (i.e. Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z) showed that more than 2 out of 3 twelve-to-eighteen-year-olds feel there is a lot of pressure on how someone is supposed to look. The same number of teens would even like to change something about their body or appearance and only 33% declares being confident. Dieting is still a popular way to change something about one’s appearance and feel more confident. Amongst the twelve-to-eighteen-year-olds, 18% has been on a diet in the past 12 months; this even goes up to 35% (!) when considering the Millennials.

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: 35% of #Millennials have been on a diet in the past 12 months insit.es/2eyXbVC by @KPallini via @CoolBrands #nextgen #geny

So what are NextGen’s top 5 ways to lose those (winter) pounds?

Exercising is still the most preferred way to lose weight and this across all generations. Teens then opt for eating less fast food, drinking more water and fewer carbonated drinks and eating less in general. When looking at Millennials we see that dieting for them also means drinking less alcohol and eating fewer carbs.

NxtGen top 5 ways to lose weight

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: #NextGen top 5 preferred ways to lose weight insit.es/2eyXbVC by @KPallini via @CoolBrands #geny #genz

This drive to exercise more and eat healthily is clearly visible in all the plans that pop up in the months and weeks before the start of summer, with catchy names like ’21-Day Fix’, ’30-Day Challenge’, ‘Bikini Body in 4 weeks’… Endless workout plans are available where the only thing you need is a motivated you, an exercise mat and your phone. One of the most popular ones is Kayla Itsines’ program called BBG, short for Bikini Body Guide, which combines personalized work-out plans with meal recipes and connects over 10 million women, resulting in the biggest female fitness community in the world. If you hop on Instagram at any given moment, you will find some women posting pictures (search for the BBG hashtag) in bikini or underwear, showcasing their progress. And let’s be clear on one thing, not only women are bombarded with plans to prepare for the sunny weather, similar programs are popular amongst men as well.

Bikini Body Guide

But winter is coming, so this means we still have a few months to ignore the fact that soon we will have to restart prepping those bodies. Although that little voice inside our heads might say we better start right away, as a recent study showed that September is the second worst month when it comes to gaining weight. Either way, there are enough plans available to get into shape whenever you feel ready, so for now just enjoy that oversized cozy sweater.

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