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Youth100 USA report YOUTH 100: Meet the top 20 Money brands in the USA

For the sixth year in a row Voxburner (a global youth insights consultancy) publishes the YOUTH 100 report, a unique report revealing the top youth brands according to 16-24 year olds. And just last week the 2016 results for the USA were presented at their Youth Marketing Strategy event in NYC. On Thursday we already published the results for the Soft Drinks category. Today we’ll zoom in on the Money brands.

A first conclusion is that almost no Money & Finance brands were able to get in the top 50 most liked youth brands, except for PayPal on number 49.

YOUTH 100 USA ranking

Youth’s lower involvement with money and finance isn’t new and in an age where the top 4 overall liked brands are all digital (media, entertainment and e-tail), it’s no surprise to see the most convenient e-payment player PayPal winning the category award.

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YOUTH 100 Money ranking

PayPal also recently spoke to the hearts and minds of the globe-trotting young audience by working together with YouTube travel vlogger and e-lebrity star Steve Booker. In its #poletopole campaign, Steve travelled 3 continents without using physical money while vlogging and Instagramming about that extraordinary experience.

Other top brands in the category are mostly convenient payment solutions. Visa is more successful than Amex with its inclusive low barrier strategy. Visa recently stole the Costco card deal from its competitor. Discover (with Pulse and Diner’s Club and of course student loans as a main service) is stressing its NextGen proof culture and values with efforts on financial education and volunteerism. Discover was also awarded with the Best Place to Work for LGBT equality. MasterCard can be seen as an innovative technology brand investing in wearables by experimenting with payment chips in clothes, car keys and other devices.

When thinking of the lower involvement of youth with insurances, it struck me that not less than 3 insurance companies slipped into the top 10 of the category. Two newcomers Allstate and GEICO found the right tone of voice to make it on the youth’s brand radar. Allstate had an immense success with its Mayhem commercials during the Sugar Bowl, a college football tournament sponsored by the brand. The commercials using the Mayhem character were also pushed virally via Twitter and the brand’s own e-commerce website. The Hispanic department of Allstate also had a hit with the Mr. bad luck Mascot on Twitter and Facebook and the #sendbadluck became five times a top trending Twitter topic in the US. GEICO’s humoristic Unskippable ad campaigns on YouTube and its distinctive radio advertising have clearly paid off. Surprising campaigns, brand personalities and social media still work with youth today.

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