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love has no labels ad Best commercials of 2015

As we’re almost wrapping up 2015, it’s that time again to make that famous resolution list: stop smoking, lose weight, read more… Yet, we all know New Year’s resolutions are doomed to fail, so let’s not focus on 2016 yet and first take a look at the past year. Because in 2015, the world of marketing and advertising was on fire again: we’ve seen a lot of very cool campaigns, commercials and actions pass in review. I’m sure you’re thinking about some of your personal favorites right now. And if not, please let me guide you through my personal top 5 of favorite campaigns of 2015. I should apologize upfront, as all commercials will touch upon your emotions. I’m sorry, I cannot help it that apparently a lot of brands played the emotional card last year to attract people’s attention.

EDEKA – #Heimcommen

Let’s start with a holiday inspired –very emotionals- one. While I had never heard of EDEKA (one of the largest German supermarket corporations) before, they sure did a great job in increasing their awareness with their latest advertisement. And I can already tell you upfront, it’s a 2-minute emotional rollercoaster :). And with the tagline Time to come home, this is the perfect commercial to start off this holiday season.

Fanpage.it – Children’s reactions

What happens when you ask 7-to-11-year-old boys to slap a girl? This touching commercial from Italian news organization Fanpage.it will give you the answer. And the reactions will amaze you. Thinking about One of Gen Z’s DNA characteristics dreaming of a better world, this commercial totally fits with that DNA characteristic. In the short video, you’ll see a series of boys meet a girl for the first time. They’re asked what they like about her and they’re told to make a funny face at her and caress her. But then they’re asked to slap her. See for yourself what happens next…

Pampers – #PampersPooface

Although Pampers has published a very successful #BetterForBaby campaign last June – where the spotlight is on how parents are doing everything they can to make life #betterforbaby – there’s another campaign that really beats this one. Just because it’s short, funny and with a clear message: a clean baby is just a Pampers’ wipe away. Have a look yourself and see why they could not have shared this message any better than by showing some #PampersPoofaces.

Johnnie Walker – Dear Brother

Published only this month, Johnnie Walker definitely already scored big time with their Dear Brother commercial. In a (merely ) 1-minute video*, Johnnie Walker succeeds yet again in illustrating their powerful Keep Walking slogan and emphasizes its Scottish heritage. Filmed in the wilds of Scotland, the film explores the bond between brothers as two young men make a journey together. What happens next is for you to discover, but I’m sure – whether you have siblings or not – that you’ll be touched by the message.
*By the way, fun fact: this ad was not made by the brand itself but is the work of 2 German film students.

The Ad Council – Love has no labels

With more than 55 million views and 2.7 million shares, this Ad Council commercial is my 2015 top favorite. Why? Just because this 3-minute commercial goes straight to the heart. This past Valentine’s Day, an Ersatz X-ray installation was set up in Santa Monica, California, where you could see different skeletons (read: people) kissing, dancing, hugging, etc. A strange sight at first, but when you see the people appearing from behind the screens, the emotions come up (both in the commercial and in front of your pc screen). With the slogans ‘love has no gender’, ‘love has no age’, ‘love has no religion’ etc., Ad Council wants to put the spotlight on discrimination. And it works, as I’m feeling the emotions come up all over again.

So please join me in getting all emotional and get ready to spend some time with your loved ones this holiday season. Enjoy your holidays & we’ll speak again in 2016!


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