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The cure for First World Problems

We all have our fair share of First World Problems. Not knowing what to wear, never ever being on time, having a bad hair day… You name it! I’ve certainly been there. Of course we know these are just luxury problems, but we all love complaining about them among friends or just to ourselves in the mirror. It’s with this very insight that SUE Amsterdam (a Dutch creative agency) cleverly played in their latest campaign for the Dutch AIDS Foundation. Meet the First World Problem Store.

According to the AIDS Foundation, 36.9 million people worldwide are living with HIV and only 41% get the life-saving medication they are in dire need of. Quite shocking! Therefore the Dutch division of the AIDS foundation decided to approach SUE Amsterdam to get the AIDS issue back on the radar for a broader audience and get more funds for the cause.

A lot of people just don’t have access to AIDS medication due to social, political or economic reasons,” said Niek Stevens, Campaign Director at SUE Amsterdam in an interview with PSFK. “In the western world, you have access to 20 different kinds of medication for minor issues. But there are people in Myanmar who are having to choose between themselves and their children, because they can only access enough medication for one. For a lot of people, AIDS is more or less off the radar, so we needed to make a connection between these two worlds.

And that’s actually what they did. The online and real-life pop-up First World Problem Store in Amsterdam offers First World Problem Pills for 41 First World Problems. All pills are 100% made from peppermint and solve everyday dilemmas. They are also 100% placebo and 100% of the profit goes to the Aids Foundation’s aim to provide HIV medication to people who can’t afford it. So medication for medication…

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: How @AIDSFonds & @SueAmsterdam found a cure for #firstworldproblems insit.es/1MVWzRO by @Anke_InSites via @CoolBrands #coolbrands

According to PSFK, the idea for the pills was born out of the desire to make a sensitive issue pressing, but not so uncomfortable that people would shut down before it. Next to that, the dream of a better world is one of the key DNA characteristics of Generation Z and Y according to a recent InSites Consulting study. For me this is the reason why the campaign promises to be really successful. The pills make for a fun gift, bring a great story with them and allow you to help make a better world. The packaging, copy and design are slick, funny and really trigger spending money in the shop.

So check the online shop to see which of your First World Problems can be solved with a simple pill 😉

First World Problem Store

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