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Easter ecommerce trends Easter e-commerce trends 2015

Did you enjoy your Easter weekend as much as I did? Of course you did! Who doesn’t love some extra time off, eating chocolate all day and competing with your loved ones in an exciting Easter egg hunt? Next to the joy all the chocolate brings us these days, other things make us happy as well though: we can feel spring and summer slowly making their entrance. And something else comes to mind when you combine all these positive feelings… SHOPPING … for Easter gifts, candy, colorful spring outfits and much more.

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As already discussed in my previous blogpost on how to get Millennials to shop till they drop, you have to catch their attention by being where they are:  both in the offline and mobile worlds. That is why e-commerce is becoming increasingly popular these day, especially amongst this target group. But what are this year’s Easter eCommerce trends? Just have a look at the Nextopia infographic below and discover what American consumers spent most of their money on this Easter and what the most popular activity was in American families on Easter Sunday.

Easter e-commerce trends

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