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Traditional dream of the Millennial Generation Millennials: the anti-reckless generation?

In times of social media, online dating, Tindering etc. one might think that the Millennials’ first time of everything happens sooner and sooner. Especially moms and dads of these GenYers know that in their time, everything was way different. And they are right. Digital tools such as the ones mentioned above facilitate youngsters to meet each other at a younger and younger age. Therefore it would make sense if this also had an impact on for example the sex life of students and young adults. But it doesn’t.

In the summer of 2014, De Morgen (a Belgian newspaper) performed a study, in cooperation with InSites Consulting, amongst Belgian youngsters in their twenties. Results show that the youngsters’ sexual philosophy nowadays is not that different from that of other generations. If you ask Millennials for the ideal age to have sex for the first time, the answer is 17. The first kiss would come at the age of 15. More conservative than you thought, right?

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: Youngsters’ sexual philosophy is not that different from previous generations insit.es/1xiUSeu by @TimoVandemaele via @CoolBrands #GenY

According to sexologist Rika Ponnet, youngsters are used to talking about sex at a younger age and are therefore sexually mature more rapidly as well. However, although digital solutions make it easier to meet someone, the actual temptation still needs to happen in real life.

Millennials’ White Picket Fence

However, sexuality is not the only topic where twentysomethings are more conservative than one would have thought. Also in terms of their relationships, Millennials seem to have a plan ready. The ideal age to move in with each other would be 23. Marriage is scheduled at 26, at the same time as is buying a house. The first kid arrives shortly after, when reaching the age of 27.

Many of us consider GenYers as adventurous globe trotters; many of them do indeed dream of discovering the world. But, as traveling remains their dream, the white picket fence remains their plan. For example, only 1 out of 5 considers postponing buying a property for more traveling time.

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: Only 1 out of 5 #Millennials would postpone buying a property for more travel time insit.es/1xiUSeu by @TimoVandemaele via @CoolBrands #mrx

Millennials' White Picket Fence

And these results are not a local phenomenon. If we take a look at the results of our recently published Millennial Bucket List research, we notice that, on a global level, Millennials put becoming a parent, getting married and designing/building their own house in their top 5 of things to do before they die…

How does this affect brands?

All of these milestones and first times are increasingly important to Millennials. Brands should realize that. Brands which manage to send this comprehending message to their young consumers will have a higher chance of reaching them. Take this advertising campaign by DNB, a Norwegian bank, for instance, which emphasizes the conservative, emotional aspects of buying a house and building a family in order to promote house sales in Lillehammer, Norway.

This three-minute film depicts the story of a family’s life inside the property over +30 years. A story of turning a house into a home.

So to conclude, a final message for brands around the globe. Remember that youngsters may be more conservative than you might think. A lot of marketers think GenYers are known for their adventurous lifestyle, but don’t forget: the White Picket Fence is still their number one goal in life.

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: #Millennials’ White Picket Fence dream insit.es/1xiUSeu by @TimoVandemaele via @CoolBrands #GenY

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  1. Leire L

    I don’t really agree, recent studies have proved that millennials are much more into renting a home than buying it. i share one of here