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Millennial view on creativity A Millennial view on creativity

For some, the term creativity conjures up thoughts of artists and musicians. For others, creativity is too lofty a concept to define, except in the abstract sense of being able to create something. Neither of these definitions is complete or quantifiable, so when the InSites Consulting team set out to find out more about Millennials through a recent worldwide survey, we included questions to get to the bottom of how exactly Millennials are (re)defining creativity.

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With 73% of US Millennials considering themselves to be creative, creativity is clearly a significant trait for Millennials. This US score lies higher than the 64% global average, with the lowest percentage for Belgians at 52% and the highest for Brazil which comes in at 76%. When you consider the fact that this generation (in contrary to their predecessors Gen X) has the guts and the means to share its creativity with the world, the potential to involve them in your marketing is huge.

But what does creativity mean to Millennials?

We received a wide range of answers when asking Generation Y what creativity means to them. Here are the top 15 answers as to what they associate with creativity.

What creativity means to Millennials

As you can see, creativity means more than being artistic (singing, painting…); it also represents solving problems, socially interacting/ expressing oneself, being successful and producing new ideas. For this Millennial generation, creativity is a combination of artistic expression and the discovery and development of new ideas.

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A creative view on Millennials’ creativity

It is not sufficient for Millennials to be creative themselves; they expect brands to appeal to them creatively as well. Brands are extending beyond just using creative mediums and creating unique campaigns. They recognize that Millennials want to share their creative energy with the brands they interact with. Recent campaigns include consumers voting for new product flavors or colors, social media contests to get Millennials to express their feelings about the brand and even having consumers create their own commercials.

A recent creative Converse advertising initiative is the Made by You campaign. Converse displays pictures which depict how celebrities, performers and other interesting people around the world are wearing Converse shoes and make them their own. This is a unique idea, because Converse is showing off the versatile nature of their brand. The pictures show consumers infusing their personality and creativity into their product.

Converse Made by You compilation

People have used Converse as a badge for self-expression for decades now. Each tear has a story. There are few brands that celebrate customers doing what they want with their products” says Geoff Cottrill, VP General Manager of brands & segments at Converse to Adweek.

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: How @Converse celebrates #Millennials desire for self-expression & #creativity insit.es/1xaZOSr by @Joeri_InSites via @CoolBrands #GenY

From choosing a job to choosing a product, the Millennials’ desire for creativity is everywhere. Despite the fact that their opinions differ on what creativity is, they all view it as an admirable trait. In order to continue attracting Millennial consumers, we need to think outside the box and appeal to them in unconventional, creative ways.

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Co-written with Gila Allswang, trainee at InSites Consulting’s New York office.

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