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Reception bell How to make a hotel Millennial-friendly

As we have reached the month of February, the time has come to accept that the holidays are over. Settling back into normal work and school routines is difficult without holidays to look forward to. What better way to overcome the back-to-work blues than by planning your summer vacation? In this era of Yelp reviews and smartphones, travelers are more informed than ever when choosing where to go and what to do there. Another important factor of any holiday plan is where to stay. If you thought that clean rooms and convenient locations are all it takes for hotels to attract customers, think again.

With Millennials composing a significant portion of the hospitality industry’s target market, hotels are stepping up their game in order to appeal to them. In the coming years, Millennials will take the baby boomers’ place as the largest segment of business travelers. In anticipation of this expected shift, hotels have been instituting changes in line with a variety of Millennial trends.

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One of the most intuitive changes that hotels have been implementing is an increase in wireless Internet access. Many hotels are no longer invoicing for Wi-Fi, as they recognize that Millennials need to be connected at all times. Beyond enhancing virtual connections, hotels are also changing the layout of their lobbies to become more of a shared space where lodgers can bond while sitting at large tables. Hotel Irvine, in Irvine, California, epitomizes this with its open lobby design and multitude of spaces for meetings.

Hotels have also been stepping up their fitness centers. Millennials are a highly health-conscious generation and want their workouts to be enjoyable while on the go. Westin hotels offer WestinWORKOUT, a program that goes above and beyond what traditional hotels offer. WestinWORKOUT employs running concierges to teach lodgers about the running trails in the area, they offer rooms with exercise equipment in them, world class fitness studios and workout clothing and shoes is for rent for a nominal fee. This program sets Westin apart and is a driver for repeat customers.

Westin Workout

Another noteworthy change is an emphasis on creating unique experiences. Millennials value receiving special treatment and personalized services and hotels are taking note. Hotel Irvine will leave a running map for you if they notice workout clothes in your room, extra towels if you have requested extra on a previous night and other similar personal touches. The Hard Rock Hotel offers the Sound of Your Stay program, which gives you the option of having a Fender guitar or DJ equipment delivered to your room. Offering these unique experiences sets these hotels apart and appeals to Millennials looking for unique experiences both in and out of the hotel.

Sound of your stay

Wherever your next travels take you, keep an eye out for these changes as hotels continue to implement them. Whether enjoying complementary Wi-Fi, enhanced fitness programs or unique offerings, be sure to recognize the role that Millennials are playing in shaping the hotel industry.

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