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Move it or lose it Move it or lose it: How Millennials stay fit

Just like chocolate Santas and candy canes, a gym membership is a seasonable product. After waking up from the food coma induced by the heavy holiday meals (and the aforementioned Christmas candy canes), consumers find themselves craving a healthier lifestyle. Many come up with New Year’s Resolutions on this premise, resolving on finding their way back to health through diet and exercise.

Millennials are an important part of this trend – they are just as guilty of over-indulgence during the holidays and also strive to obtain healthier habits. The Millennials’ exercise preferences are shaping the fitness industry, as the benefits of diet and exercising become increasingly well-known.

The following fitness brands and products have become successful through incorporating Millennial preferences:


This slim device looks like an innocuous bracelet, but works as an all-in-one fitness monitor. Devices like FitBit are perfect for active Millennials looking to track their activity levels. The technological infusion gives users the ability to see their progress and share their workouts with friends. This gives Millennials a sense of community, even in individual workouts. This sense of community is vital to Millennials, who gain inspiration through seeing the progress of others and sharing their workouts with friends.


Soul Cycle

SoulCycle is a spinning studio that represents so much more than stationary bikes. Through their friendly instructors, branding and quality classes, they provide customers with a high intensity workout that appeals to their preferences. Millennials love it because of the sense of community the instructors cultivate in each class.

Soul Cycle

Color Run

The Color Run is everything that Millennials love. Running 5K while being blasted with different colors of paint powder provides for a unique experience, the photos of which are perfect for social media sharing and a chance to bond with friends.

Color Run

Lulu Lemon

The ‘athleisure’ trend, wearing clothing that is suitable for the gym or leisure time activities, has taken off and no brand epitomizes this trend like Lulu Lemon. The iconic Lulu Lemon logo seems to be omnipresent these days, as the brand is expanding their offerings to include clothing suitable for travel and leisure and even work. Gone are the days when workout clothes were only for the gym. Millennials love this athleisure trend because of the flexibility it offers them to go to the gym straight from work. The hassle of bringing a change of clothes is a thing of the past as clothing becomes more versatile.

Lulu Lemon

The Millennials’ focus on community and creating unique experiences has been manifested in their workout preferences. 2015 will be a year for fitness brands to continue catering to Millennials as the fitness industry continues to expand.

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