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Best Holiday gifts All we want for Christmas is…

Well, we know what Mariah Carey wants every single Christmas, but what do WE want? Yes, we have to face it: the Christmas trees are out, Christmas markets have opened their stalls all around the world and wish lists have been written, so we need to start our quest for that perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones. Because that’s the main question this time of year: what do they really want? Or the other way around: what do we really want? Here’s your solution, because 2014 holiday gifts are all about experiences.

Travel and entertainment deals provider Travelzoo conducted a poll amongst 2,100 UK adults, on their wants and do-not-wants for Christmas. Forget about that book, household appliance* or cheesy decoration item you bought before, because they might end up in the trash can or back at the store… and you wouldn’t want that, would you? Tangible possessions just do not bring lasting happiness the way experiences do.

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The infographic below will guide you through the what-to-buy-for-whom mysteries, but I can already tell you that the top gifts which are giving most enjoyment and happiness are holidays, followed by concerts and dining experiences. It reveals a lot more by the way, such as: what (inappropriate) presents to avoid and what subjects you can (or cannot) talk about during Christmas dinner.

Check out the Christmas present barometer and discover 7 ways to be a Christmas hero this year. And in the end, you being a Christmas hero will result in the fact that, in the future, all they’ll want for Christmas… is you!

*I already knew that this is not the perfect gift and learned my lesson a few years ago when both my dad and I bought my mom the same recipe book, without knowing the other got the same thing. Ouch.

Top Holiday gifts infographic

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