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Millennials turn to board games Kicking it old school! Why Millennials turn to board games

Living in Manhattan allows me and my friends countless opportunities to find exciting activities for after work. Over the past few years, we’ve done everything from comedy clubs to archery to yoga on the Hudson River. While we enjoy finding new activities, there’s one thing we never get tired of: board games. Whether exploring new games at a game café or playing old favorites in our apartments, we always enjoy the camaraderie and conversation that board games facilitate.

It does at first seem counterintuitive that our group of 20-somethings is so willing to put down our phones and focus on playing an ‘old-fashioned‘ board game. However, we’re not alone. According to this Voice of America article, more and more Millennials are rediscovering the joys of board games. The reason is rooted in the Millennials’ dependence on technology and screens. Whether for work, school or pleasure, this demographic is constantly checking e-mails, updating Facebook and messaging their peers. Board games give Millennials a much needed break from this technology overload. This countertrend of disconnecting from technology is epitomized in the surging popularity of board games amongst Millennials. Here’s an example of a real life, offline Monopoly experience in California: Monopoly in the Park.

Lifesize version of Monopoly board game

The popularity of board games also ties in with the Nostalgia trend. Board games represent a simpler time and now the pre-Internet simplicity of going out with friends and playing is cool again. This recent article from Javelin outlines the practical ramifications of this nostalgia trend. The latter means that marketing does not require complete innovation to appeal to the valuable Millennial consumers. Millennials want to be reminded of what made a brand special in the first place, while also being informed of the newer aspects and features.

The approaching holiday season brings with it vacation time for Millennials to spend with friends and family. This is the perfect occasion for them to bond with those they’re with through board games. This, combined with the popularity of board games as a holiday gift, is guaranteed to boost sales.

There are three marketing lesson to take from Millennials’ love for board games:

  1. These consumers seek a technology disconnect
  2. They want a reminder of what attracted them to a brand in the first place
  3. They want the reason for their original attraction to that brand tied in with the brand’s current offerings

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How will you use this Millennial trend to attract consumers this holiday season?

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One Response to “Kicking it old school! Why Millennials turn to board games”

  1. Shosh

    I’m a millennial and this could not be more spot on! My friends and I recently discovered the uncommons (a board game caf) and we loved it so much that one of the guys bought the board game we played there so we could play it whenever. #kickingitoldschool