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Holiday shopping Millennials and their holiday shopping habits

Have you already noticed it? The holiday vibes are taking over gradually and the time has almost come to write your wish lists, to let fate decide who will be the lucky family member who will receive a gift from you and to start lurking around for these (potentially) amazing gifts. However, if you think that is all you have to think about, you are wrong. After you will have figured out what to buy for whom, you’ll have to focus on HOW you are going to obtain all your gifts?

We are called the digital generation for a reason. We’re used to spend our days on our mobiles, tablet and computers. This also means: an abundance of shopping choices. So if you haven’t decided how to shop this holiday season yet, check out the Millennial Holiday Shopping infographic below from InstartLogic and discover how your peers will do it. And of course good luck with the shopping quest!

How Millennials will shop this holiday season

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