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Millennials and science Millennials &%#@! love Science

What is it that we find appealing about science? It’s probably not the technical, arduous process of conducting an experiment. It probably also has little to do with lab coats, hazardous chemicals, cell compositions or any other mundane-looking aspect. (In case you have not yet realized, I am not at all qualified to discuss the scientific process).

What I am (somewhat) qualified to talk about, are trends seen in Millennials. And the trend I’ve been thinking about recently is that Millennials F***ing Love Science. Although I wish I could take credit for this dramatic title, it is actually the name of this immensely popular Facebook page and the subject of this recent article published in The Atlantic.

We know that Millennials seek excitement, so what appeals to them in science isn’t the technical scientific process. The excitement in science lies in the innovations that the scientific process leads to. Innovations allow for the improvement of society and this type of innovation is something that Millennials simply cannot get enough of.

Another reason why Millennials love science is because they have grown up in a global world. Science has the ability to transcend cultures and gives them common ground with members of all nations. Given its universal appeal, science-related posts on social media channels are likely to attract a lot of attention. This creation of social media traffic has been perpetuating the popularity of science amongst Millennials.

Science is no longer restricted to long, dry journal articles. The aforementioned Facebook page titled ‘I f***ing love science’ posts short captions accompanying links to science articles that are written without the difficult scientific jargon. The page has close to 19 million likes, proof that Millennials love science, especially when it is presented to them in 160 characters or less.

I fucking love science

What does this mean for developing effective marketing campaigns aiming at Millennials? Their love for science is an indication of an underlying passion for all things new and exciting. Science represents surprise and this supports the consumer trend Serendipity. In a world where everything is predictable, science provides a breath of fresh air. These GenYers want brands to provide exciting innovation to them through creative channels.

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: #Millennials’ love for science shows their passion for all things new & exciting insit.es/1uGk900 by @gilaallswang via @CoolBrands

Just as science has the ability to surprise these excitement-seeking Millennials through discovery and innovation, brands should follow suit and aim to develop campaigns that appeal to Millennials with innovative advertising methods.

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