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MAC Cosmetics The MAC-up club: make-up heaven for Millennials

Do you remember the very first time you tried on your mom’s mascara or eye shadow, just because you thought the time had come for you to get into make-up as well (and I’m not referring to your childhood dress-up parties where you wore too much lipstick)? Or that time when you and your friends went to the mall on Wednesday afternoon to buy some make-up in the local supermarket? You must have been around 14 years old then, because according to a study of Lab42, 61% of Millennials starts wearing make-up between the ages of 13 and 15. But something else: What if that time, you hadn’t had to search for your make-up, but the make-up would have just come to you?

M·A·C’s youth concept store

That’s exactly what MAC tried to do with the introduction of their youth concept store last summer at the Florida Mall in Orlando. For those who don’t know M·A·C Cosmetics: it is a manufacturer of cosmetics, like eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, nail varnish and all other products your girly mind is thinking of right now. As they are trying to appeal increasingly to Generation Y and the next generation, Generation Z (who are now in full discovery of the beautiful world of make-up), they have created a new type of store, just for that target group.


Exploring make-up heaven

The M·A·C youth concept store is fitted with large table structures in the shape of the letters M, A and C which are filled with test products; think of any product, they have it. Customers can smell, feel and test different products, try new techniques with the help of a make-up artist, and – of course – post a #MACSELFIE of the whole happening on social media. M·A·C basically let them explore make-up heaven.

And that is precisely the main goal of this whole youth retail store idea: encourage young shoppers to hang out, play and enjoy the full experience. You can almost compare it to a slumber party, but then in cosmetic-retailer style. And apparently, this entire approach seems to work as, since the opening of this store last summer, it is already one of M·A·C’s top-five stores in North America.

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: How @MACcosmetics encourages young #shoppers to hang out, play & enjoy the #retail experience insit.es/1nCpzWL by @MasNatalie #millennials

MACselfie at the MAC youth concept store

Make-up Millennials

Thinking about the world of Millennials, we’re not really surprised by the success of this youth concept store. It is a fact that, in a world where everything is dominated by screens and social media, Millennials still want to feel a part of something greater where they are not separated by screens. They still value the moments where they can connect with peers and come together. And what is a better way than to let them gather in a place they already like to visit, for something they already like to do? Meet the M·A·C youth concept store.

And this is definitely not the end for M·A·C’s concept store idea. In the long run, they would like to expand the concept and gradually appeal to local markets, always with one overall goal: respond to the needs of the young consumer, connect them more with the M·A·C brand and stay connected.

Stay tuned! And for those living in New York City… M·A·C’s next youth format store will open this December in your city, so enjoy ;-).

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