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Big Data needs Big Love Big Data needs Big Love

Last month I attended the ESOMAR (World Association for market research) Congress in Nice where I was extremely inspired by the closing act of the event: Kevin Roberts, the New York-based CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi. At the event, Roberts talked about how brands can win in the age of now.

Finding the balance between data and emotions

Nowadays Big Data plays an important role at every decision point in every industry. But according to Roberts, Big Data needs Big Emotions, because algorithms will never read and respond to humans the way humans do. The Big Data machine can read the lines, but not between them. So let data and emotion join forces rather than fight each other.

In a Big Data world marketers can measure everything and we are expected to justify every spending in terms of ROI. We can track locations, conversations, conversions… But in reality we often make decisions based on gut feelings, not always on numbers. A recent article by Wired said that we’re not that much closer to getting a computer to understand our intent at a deeper level than we were 30 years ago. So as marketers we need to think beyond the numbers and think about the people and emotions behind the data.

Big Data needs Big Love

Emotion is the driver of sales

Consumer standards for brands (and their products/services) are high; we expect brands to deliver the basics: quality and service. But the added value for brands lies in the emotional experience. That one thing that goes beyond trying to sell stuff. That one thing that shows that you care about and understand your consumers.

Consumers have become marketing-savvy creatures and expect more from brands than ever before, which makes them switch brands faster. According to Roberts, the irony is that while loyalty was never easier to lose, it has never been easier to win for brands which are emotionally wired. People love them, buy them and even come back for more as these brands respond to what people care about.

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6 ways for brands to create their consumer soft spot

Roberts shared five ways, but I added one* to complete the list.

  • BE INSPIRATIONAL: build environments that inspire physically and emotionally
  • BE PARTICIPATORY: brands which put up walls will die; the new ROI is Return on Involvement
  • BE VISUAL: people today are aesthetically adept; they process images thousands of times more rapidly than text and love to share cool imagery
  • BE FAST: test fast, fail fast, adjust fast
  • BE INTIMATE: brands are becoming human relationships
  • *BE THERE: it’s not just about knowing where your consumer is, but also about being relevant in that context

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: 6 ways for brands to create their consumer soft spot insit.es/10UkQFQ via @Anke_InSites #coolbrands #brandloyalty

Read the full paper on Brand Loyalty by Kevin Roberts if you wish to discover more.

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