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BandsNBrands tip 3 #BandsNBrands Tip 03: The branded platform

The fun thing about celebrity marketing is that the product is the person and vice versa. A celebrity hardly has marketing meetings about where he or she is headed as a brand as he or she ís the brand. Your brand is your personality – and personality goes a long way. And that is why these celebs so easily start up new things besides music. They just feel when it’s not right. Most of the Jay Z’s, Beyoncé’s, J.Lo’s and P Diddy’s are into fashion, fragrance and other cool branches under their own name because of that. If they like it, they’ll sell it and put their name on it. That’s celebrity branding. An example…

The times of classic merchandise in the form of T-shirts, CDs and badges are not over yet, but the celebrities’ main revenues these days come from other sources. Today it is definitely not only about selling music anymore but also about fashion, eyewear, footwear, fragrances, cosmetics and a lot more. And sponsorships. And touring. And a lot of hard work of course. And management management management…

Dr Dre

Dr. Dre’s headphones Beats by Dre made $519 million in revenue last year. It’s the best-selling headphones brand in the over-$100 category (2013). Dr. Dre, legendary rapper, unequalled producer and today headphone millionaire. The link? The brand. Dr. Dre is a platform where a lot of projects can be realized ‘on’.

So, what can Brands learn from Bands?

Brands should realize they are not necessarily linked for life to the products they appear on today. A lot of things can happen in a product’s lifetime in times of fierce competition and products can easily disappear because of that, but brands can survive. As long as there are strong values and a strong brand personality of course. Brands are platforms a lot of products can thrive on. A big brand is worth a lot of products. So diversification, adding variety and offering choice, should be part of your successful branding. Think Virgin. Need I say more… Just FYI: Richard Branson’s net worth stands extremely strong at $5 billion. That’s billions in dollars.

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Virgin companies

The question we are trying to address in this #bandsnbrands series is simple, really: What can marketing learn from celebrity marketing? Tune in on these celebrity-inspired tips, tricks & ideas and discover what brands can learn from bands!

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