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Up close and personal with Generation Z Trendwatching with Generation Z

Up close and personal with Generation Z. These young consumers (born between 1992 and 2010) grew up post 9/11 in an environment dominated by the Internet and cellphones. Whereas Millennials grew up with the worldwide web, this generation grew up with social media. They consider the world to be boundless and they are digitally connected anytime, anywhere. Earlier this year, InSites Consulting set up a trendwatching study to get a better understanding of Generation Z, involving these young consumers as trendwatchers.

The scope was to visualize the trends that define this young generation, especially regarding their dreams, role models, social media and brand usage. We did this through an online game where participants could upload trends for all these areas. They were asked to add ‘evidence’ to their trend and explain why they thought it was a trend. Besides uploading their own trends, they could see what other people had posted and comment on it or even add additional evidence.

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In total 78 Gen Z consumers living in Flanders (Belgium) and The Netherlands participated and a total of 338 trends were uploaded with 1,019 pieces of evidence. We’ll be sharing more details about the method and method learnings on the InSites Consulting blog in the coming days.

So what did we found out about Generation Z?

This new generation is characterized by the pursuit of happiness. They are over-informed and continuously connected to the world. The greater goal in their life, resulting from this over-connectivity, is to be happy and live life to the fullest. You could also call them Generation Dream, as they actively search to be happy and dream about a better world without climate change, diseases, racism or war. This generation is the modern hippy, yet softer and less rebellious; everything they do is with a twist. This generation will react playfully by posting – for example – selfies to support their thinking.

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Generation Z trends

They are more independent in comparison with the generation before them (Gen Y), they want to leave the comfort and ease of the parental home (referred to as ‘Hotel Mama’ in some cultures) as soon as they can and stand on their own two feet.

They are less career-focused and just want to find a job they love and which makes them happy. This generation is ready to embrace the world and wants to enjoy life. As a consequence they are also looking for brands which value happiness, peace and freedom.

So, would you say your brand is ready for this generation?

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