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We Can Dance WECANDANCE: another great festival experience

Three weeks ago, at this exact moment, I was still recovering from another great 3-day Tomorrowland experience, which included: a lot of sleep (and by that I mean A LOT), cleaning all my party clothes and shoes, uploading all sorts of crazy pictures and movies, thinking back to all the great moments but also, looking forward to yet another festival experience: WECANDANCE.

At that moment, WECANDANCE still was a rather unknown festival to me which is normal, since this year was only its 2nd edition. And now I’m already looking forward to the 3rd. Before I tell you why, let me tell you about the ‘what’. WECANDANCE is a 2-day electronic beach festival at the charming Belgian coast which obviously offers much more than just good music, as their main aim was to spread the message of love, peace and happiness to put a smile on everyone’s face.


And yes, I know, isn’t that the target of a lot of festivals? Ever since the ‘Tomorrowland formula’ became so successful, a lot of smaller festival initiatives have tried to evoke that same feeling. With success. I’m not going to compare them though, because I just can’t. It’s mainly about the uniqueness of every festival and the overall experience it evokes for Generation Y.

We Can Dance festival

I have to admit that this festival definitely evoked a special, unique feeling of happiness for me. First of all because of the location: you can say what you want, but a beach festival just has that extra special something. Enjoying the sunset with some electronic beats in the background while watching all these happy people around you (most of them on bare feet by the way, love it), simply not something you get to see every day.


Another unique thing about this festival is the central theme that they intend to change every year. They try to spread the message of love, peace and happiness all the time, but every year they will create another nostalgic inspired setting. Last year the WCD festivalgoers got immersed in the old hippie culture, this year the central setting was all about Egyptian Love with some ‘Navajo’, ‘Coachella’ and ‘Burning Man’ touches. And I can definitely say: the festival oozed Egyptian love: from the costumed staff and quality food (not your average festival meal but top restaurants serving Arab-style meals) to Egyptian goddesses and camels walking around the festival site.


And most importantly: we went along with the Egyptian love and dressed up like gods and goddesses as well. As we already discussed in a previous blogpost: festivals have a culture of their own, fostering an environment of free-spirited expression. It’s all about seeing and being seen, about the fashion show in the audience. Not only did WECANDACE team up with fashion partners such as Eleven Paris for an exclusive festival collection and Claire Laffut for original tattoo designs, the festivalgoers went along with the fashion show as well.

 We Can Dance clothing Eleven Paris

Believe you me: it was a fashion show, a lovely one with a lot of gold fever, as Elle Magazine puts it. The second you looked around, you saw a mix of dressed-up men and women. The one more than the other, but all spreading that same ‘Egyptian happy party’ vibe. Don’t really see what I mean? Just check the #wcd14 on Instagram/Facebook/… and you’ll immediately feel the vibe.


And as always, we want to share unique, great experiences with the world. Especially those experiences which surprise us. Thinking about one of the five Millennials trends Joeri Van den Bergh introduced at the beginning of this year, the need for serendipity was definitely fulfilled at WECANDANCE: Millennials simply have an increased need for fun discoveries and surprises.

To give you one example: suddenly 2 camels are right in front of you. Believe me, our faces looked quite baffled when we saw those beautiful animals. Combine this with our social media sharing obsession and you get a bunch of crazy people trying to take a selfie with one of the camels. Some failed, others succeeded, like ours.

We Can Dance festival

I can go on and on about my personal experiences at the festival and why I think this is another successful one and very popular amongst Millennials, but I’m sure it’s pretty clear by now. The experience of being part of a community, a fantasy world where you can escape from the busy everyday life once in a while, is exactly what we love. The changing overall theme of WECANDANCE combined with the beautiful location, a variety of electronic music styles, quality food and a fashion-forward crowd makes this festival yet another one to add to your next year’s checklist.

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