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Glamour-hungry travelers Millennials, a generation of glamour-hungry travelers

It’s the start of July, so what pops into your mind immediately? Holidays of course! Some of us have days, weeks and others even have months of holiday. And how do we like to spend our summer holiday the most? Taking a trip, going abroad & exploring the world (du-uh :))!

But, did you know/expect that Millennials travel fancier than their older counterparts? That they are glamour-hungry animals while traveling? According to data from Chase Card Services, Millennials are more likely to exhibit ‘elite’ behavior while traveling. My first reaction on this finding was the same as yours I guess: huh?! But in the end, I got the message. Who doesn’t love a massage every once and a while, whether it’s on a beach or in an expensive hotel?

And if you’re even more curious, have a look at the infographic below. You’ll discover which luxury hotel services Millennials like the most, how these stimulation junkies use social media during their vacation and how social they are with other tourists.

And afterwards, you can go on dreaming about your own holiday plans. Enjoy! Millennial travelers

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