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Avoid your ex(es) with MTV’s Ex-posure Avoid your ex(es) with MTV’s Ex-posure

Did you ever find yourself in that awkward situation where you are walking down the street and suddenly noticed that your ex boy- or girlfriend is coming from the other direction? In just one split second, feelings of fear and uncertainty overwhelm you and in an instant you come up with thousands of ways to avoid even the slightest eye contact with the ‘ex-factor’, ranging from hiding behind an old lady to pretending to be very busy texting someone or spotting an extremely rare bird high in the sky. I guess we all know that feeling. We have all been there, whether it was on the street, in a bar or at the local supermarket. And afterwards, we all wished it had never happened.

But what if an app existed that could track your ex-lovers, so that you can minimize the risk of ending up in such an awkward situation? Would you love it? I would, which is why I think I am going to make your day, by saying that this sort of app does exist (and I can hear you getting excited already ;)).

Don’t thank me, though. All eyes should be on MTV, as they are the ones launching this website and web app to help you avoid your exes.

No more awkward situations

There is a good reason behind it, of course. Because once again, the reason of the launch of this web app is to celebrate and promote a new MTV reality show, this time of the dating-kind, called ‘Ex On The beach’.

So what does it do exactly then? Thanks to this new app which scans through your exes’ Facebook location data, the most likely places your ex-partner can or will be at can be identified and shown on a heat map with their most frequented locations. This way, you get a rough idea of where they may (or may not) be. Exciting, don’t you think? The only thing you need to do is visit the website and choose ‘Get your Ex-posure forecast’. Using the ‘Facebook Connect’ technology, the site then prompts users to select the exes they wish to avoid. After selecting ‘generate forecast’, the app scans the exs’ profile data to calculate an ‘ex-posure’ heat map of high-risk areas to steer clear from.

Get your Ex-posure forecast’

But, you can use it the other way around as well of course. Want to catch up with an old flame just to make your ex jealous? Then you can turn the tables and maximize your ‘ex-posure’, to ensure that those dreaded first encounters are on your terms. In the end, us, Millennials, we have the power again. And we love it, yes we do :).

Ex on the Beach

There is one little thing we haven’t thought about though. There are people who are not as lucky as we are, being able to avoid their exes. The cast of MTV’s new reality show ‘Ex On The beach’, obviously. In this new reality program that was only launched three weeks ago, eight smoking-hot single guys and girls are dropped in paradise together for a dream holiday full of sun, sea, sex and the hope for a steaming holiday romance. Of course, there’s always a snag in these kinds of reality programs. And this time, the snag is the singles getting company on their beautiful island. From none other than their exes, one by one. And the main question that they ask themselves every single day is: “whose ex is next?”. Sounds like a great holiday ;).

Ex on the beach

Anyway, one thing is certain. There is a double benefit in it for us: we watch these poor guys and girls get in all sorts of awkward ‘ex-situations’, while we can simply avoid ours. So remember: go out into town, live your life and control your ex-posure ;-).

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