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TicTac My Pack Tic Tac gives the power to Millennials

Let’s admit it, we love to have the power. We love to be in control of everything and have the power in all different aspects of our life: choose a movie, win the weekly soccer game, let people bring you lunch, collaborate with your favorite brand, etc… Well, actually, let’s talk about this last one, because according to an InSites Consulting study among 3485 Millennials in 13 countries worldwide, 88% of Gen Y’ers would like to help brands to improve their overall offering in the market. This is why lately, a lot of brands have been very responsive to Millennials wanting and loving to have the power to co-create or collaborate together with their favorite brand(s). Especially when that collaboration results in a personalization between us – Millennials – and the brand. And that is also where the ‘Tic Tac My Pack’ campaign comes in.


Ferrero USA’s Tic Tac brand has kicked off a campaign to engage Millennials by allowing them to create their very own personalized virtual Tic Tac packs. And we just love personalized packaging (think about Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign last year), so I am already sold for this campaign!

It is very simple: all you need to do is go to the microsite tictacmypack.com and customize your pack of Tic Tac mints, by following the different steps:

  • Choose a flavor – and as we like variety in our flavors, you can choose between 13 different flavors and customize your pack with a combination of the flavors you like the most (I really like the orange ones, mixed with the white fresh mints, for example :)).
  • Choose a font color for your pack name – very important, as you want your package to stand out
  • Choose your label design – the combination of your beautiful name in the remarkable font color of your choice has to fit into an attractive label design of course, to make your package even more appealing (du-uh)
  • Share your pack – we would not be stimulation junkies if we would not  want to share a personalized, self-designed pack of a brand we like on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook


Tic Tac Mints My Pack tour

But that’s not all… The company also launched a My Pack Tour, a mobile tour across different spring festivals in the USA. At each festival, Tic Tac has interactive stations, where consumers can customize packs using mobile devices provided by a team on-site. When you have designed ‘your’ pack on site, you receive a photo of it to share on social media platforms. But you can also take your custom pack home with you, how cool is that?!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the different stops of the My Pack Tour online to take home your personalized Tic Tac pack. And don’t worry if you cannot make it to any of these festivals. You can still surf to TicTacMyPack.com and unleash the creative genius in you. Enjoy!

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