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MTV rule switcher MTV Rule Switcher: #parentsrules vs #kidsrules

I know, it was only two blog posts ago that I talked about an MTV reality program launching a microsite as promotional material, but here I am again. Cannot help it, sorry. After all I am a Millennial and I just love the broad range of reality shows MTV offers AND the fun and appealing things they do to promote their shows. And they keep on surprising me. Positively.

I hope you all discovered your perfect match by now by testing MTV’s Match Machine, because there already is another microsite waiting for you, called MTV Rule Switcher. Its goal? To promote the new reality show ‘Sleeping with the Family’.

Sleeping with the family?!

Sounds kind of weird at first, don’t you think? I remember the first time I saw the trailer for the show. It was broadcast during the commercial break of ‘Are you the one’ (of course I was watching that ;)). My first thought was: are they really shooting a reality show about family members having relationships with each other?! In the end, that does indeed sound way too weird and it is of course not what this show is all about.

In fact, the show follows the lives of young couples who choose to live with their boyfriend or girlfriend under their parents’ roof. Not because they want to, but rather because they have to. The reality show lets you explore one of the dilemmas facing the financially challenged Millennials generation: having a successful relationship while only having started a job and being forced to live under your parents’ roof…


MTV Rule Switcher

Now what does this microsite have to do with the show then? Actually it is yet again a clever way to promote a show which aims at Millennials. Interactive microsites are becoming an increasingly popular way for brands to engage with fans, especially the Millennial-minded kind.

MTV Rule Switcher features a couple who have very different types of behavior, depending on whether or not the lights are switched on. The site uses the viewer’s webcam to detect changes in light. When a person switches off their light source, the couple tumble around in the dark – it is #kidsrules. But when the viewer switches the lights back on, so do the lights in the virtual bedroom, where the couple is now doing respectable, parent-approved activities such as vacuuming. They are living under #parentsrules. Really fun, so you should try it yourself. Furthermore, the microsite reaches its goal, as it teases you to start watching the program. Agree?

By the way, next week another brand new reality show will be released on MTV, called ‘Ex on the beach’. Curious which microsite they are going to use to promote this one… Stay tuned ;-).

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