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MTV Match Machine MTV helps you search for the perfect match

If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it? All answer options are open here, depending on your personal love situation, but one thing is sure: you all want to try out the MTV Match Machine. Last Friday, it was the most discussed topic here at the office. As soon as one person did it, the little experiment did the tour of the office. Everyone wanted to know who his/her perfect match was and which perfect matches all the other colleagues had. Result? A surprising turn of events, but especially a fun break at the office.

MTV Match Machine

So what does this MTV Match Machine do exactly? The only thing you need to do, is go to the application, login to your Facebook account and click once. The app does the rest: it will compare your Facebook profile with all of your friends’ to help you find your perfect match. This virtual cupid analyzes every aspect of your (online) life, including where you live, mutual friends, compatibility, likes, musical tastes and opinions. So forget about Tinder or any other dating application you’re using. The MTV Match Machine is the way to go. Because, in the end, who wouldn’t want to know which one of their Facebook friends they should hook up with? Believe me, whether you are single or not, you will definitely want to know 😉

Are you the one?

But that’s not all. Where does all this ‘Match Machine buzz’ come from anyway? Actually, the app was launched to promote the MTV dating show ‘Are you the one?’. In this brand new dating format, 10 women and 10 men are brought together in one great villa in Hawaii, having one thing in common: they suck at relationships*. Using a very extensive matchmaking process, including personality tests, in-depth interviews and advice from friends and family, each of the 10 women are perfectly matched to each of the 10 men. Goal of the program? Finding their perfect match. If everyone finds his or her perfect match by the end of the series, the entire group wins $1 million and the love of their life.

However… It’s not that simple of course, or it would not be worth turning it into a reality show. In each episode, challenges have to be performed (in couples of course) to win a date. Among the winning couples, there is always one couple which gets the opportunity to get to the Truth Booth, the only way to find out whether they are a perfect match or not. If so, you can leave the house and go to the honeymoon island. If not, you might end up heartbroken…

Are you the one

I’m not revealing everything yet, but I can guarantee you, it is worth watching it: fights, fun, broken hearts, choosing between love and money… it’s all there. Which is probably also the reason why this program is called ‘the most ambitious dating experiment ever’. I love it! And I’m sure I’m not the only one. Here’s why: Millennials are obsessed with reality shows. We simply need our daily dose of drama, our daily escape in entertainment. Combine that with a dating format and you have our attention all the way.

So, two things you need to do: find out who your own perfect match is (if you haven’t already 😉 with a little help from the MTVs Match Machine, watch the trailer below and see this as a starting point to watch all episodes of ‘Are you the one?’. By the way, last week MTV announced a new season coming up, so if your perfect Facebook match is not really what you expected, you can always seize a new opportunity there ;). Good luck!

*Not my words, by the way, but how Ryan Devlin, presenter of the program, introduced the rules of the game to the 20 participants :).

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