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Molson Canadian beer fridge Stick to your roots with Molson Canadian

As a proud Belgian citizen, I of course believe (READ: know) that we have the best beer in the world. But I’m willing to set aside my chauvinism and share a great beer campaign by a non-Belgian beer brewer. It may not be my favorite beer brand, but even so I just love their recent campaign. Meet the ‘Scan your Passport’ Beer Fridge by Molson Canadian. Imagine being in a foreign country… on holiday, on an exchange trip or you permanently moved country. There are bound to be things you will miss about your home country. This could be your favorite food, your mother, your comfy couch, your favorite bar… anything. And that is the insight that Molson Beer cleverly played with at the recent Olympic Games (in Sochi and London).

Molson CanadianThe brand built a fridge and filled it with Molson Canadian beer; the only way to open the fridge was by scanning your passport. Sounds easy? Not really. Canada’s Molson beer (from the oldest brewery in North America) has been leveraging its Canadian heritage for decades. Just by looking at their brand name and logo, would you guess the origin…? And for this campaign they also cleverly played their origin card as the fridge would only open when a Canadian passport was scanned…

The Olympics are by far the ultimate stage for nationalist competition, so what better moment to let your brand join your nation abroad. “The whole point is to engage Canadians abroad and bring them a little taste of home wherever they are.” (Tonia Hammer, Social Media Manager at Molson Coors).

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