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Music at work Music at work: What music should you listen to on the job?

Did you know that the type of music you listen to at work determines your level of productivity? I’m sure a lot of you are listening to music at work, whether it is a YouTube mix, a self-made Spotify playlist or just a random radio station. But what if that music is not the right combination with your specific job? Maybe smooth jazz or classic rock is your perfect music genre, but you don’t even know it yet. Auwtch, bye bye productivity! Luckily, there is a quiz which will help you find out what music you should really listen to when working. So go through the different questions and find out what your perfect music genre at work should be (or not).

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: Find out what music you should listen to while working! insit.es/1hiSEOS via @coolbrands #coolbrands #musicatwork #geny



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