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Millennials and their muscles Millennials and their muscles: a new way of working out

Do you know the popular sentence of the even more popular song: “I’m sexy and I know it”? I’m sure you do. What only few people notice in the song, though, is the why behind this sexiness. What makes us so sexy that we know it? We work out. And indeed, we Millennials do work out. Whether you go to the gym twice a week, run in the park for 10 minutes or do some sit-ups once a month (to get the feeling you’ve worked out that month), everyone tries to work on that body and shape at least once in a while. But if you think the best place to find a Millennial working out is at the gym, you are wrong.

That is because Millennials are redefining what personal fitness is and should be and are moving away from the traditional ways of working out. Just think about your last personal work out experiences, you will agree with me. Let’s see why.

From individual to social

We all know Generation Y is a social generation. And they do not try to be social in their media usage alone, they like their fitness and sports to be social as well. Why would you suffer on your home trainer for 2 hours all by yourself if you can enjoy a Zumba class with a group of people or go and run with a friend while telling each other the latest gossip :)? This way, working out becomes an event, a fun experience rather than a sweaty, boring routine.

wings-for-life-world-run-logoAnd that’s not all. We like it even more when we can build up toward a common goal; whether it is to win the weekly soccer game or to participate all together in a marathon. This active generation values experiences more than stories. The drive for adventure and excitement is pushing Millennials towards these new forms of fitness. Obstacle races, marathons and fitness apps have taken over the market and we love it. Just think about the thousands of apps that exist to use while working out or about global fitness events such as Red Bull’s Wings for Life World Run, a global running event that’s all about ‘sportainment’; not necessarily about the physical effort but about the total experience and social feeling.

Sharing = declaring

IMG_1430Not only are we social animals, you could also call us digital animals. As stimulation junkies, we have an irrepressible need for instant gratification. Which is why, when we work out, we like others to be aware of that. We check in at the gym or the local running track before we even start working out, we send each other snaps while working out and we post pictures on Instagram and our efforts on Facebook after having worked out.

We are very much in tune with technology and see it as a way to make our lives better and more convenient. Nowadays, there are also hundreds of new and different technological options to support and share your work-out routine. Programs such as RunKeeper, FitBit, BodyMedia and Nike Plus link your progress to your social media platforms to keep you accountable for what you’re doing physically. They post calories burned, distance ran, etc. This integration of social media in physical activity is the future for the personal fitness industry and Millennials are yet again leading this new trend.

So, how about you? Are you already training for a big marathon or have you downloaded any fitness apps? Anyway, no need to worry, regardless of how much and how intensively you work out, you are still sexy… and you know it ;)!

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