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Thumbs up The best of 2013 on CoolBrands…

We are already mid-January, which means: New Year resolutions are written down, some of them have maybe even already been realized, the Christmas tree has left the living room and we are ready to embrace 2014 to the fullest. But let’s halt for a moment and look back at our top 12 Cool Brands blog posts published every month in 2013. Enjoy! We hope to inspire you again in 2014!

1. January: Keep Millennials involved by being FAIR

How to keep Generation Y involved for longer than just 15 minutes of fame? Great that you managed to create a good campaign which received a lot of positive reactions. But it doesn’t end there. A frequent mistake is to take a break whenever something goes well. Wrong: you have to keep your young consumers involved. If not, you just had your fifteen minutes of fame, but you want to be legend, or not? Follow the FAIR model: FAIR = FAst, Innovative and Rewarding. So if you want fame? Be FAIR! (by Joeri Van den Bergh) Read more

2. February: ABSOLUT Greyhound: Connecting a cool brand with Millennials

absolut-vodkaAn exclusive interview with Franz Drack, Global Marketing Manager of ABSOLUT Vodka. Early 2013, Joeri Van den Bergh had the great opportunity to present ‘How Cool Brands Stay Hot‘ at the global headquarters of ABSOLUT Vodka, part of Pernod Ricard, in Stockholm. After the in-company workshop, Global Marketing Manager Franz Drack took some time for an interview with him for our blog. (by Joeri Van den Bergh) Read more

3. March: Get youngsters interested in your shop

How do you get youngsters interested in your shop? How do you bring the carefully prepared brand experience to the shelf? StoreCheck asked Joeri Van den Bergh. Find out what gets Millennials going and how you connect these ‘smart shoppers’ to your brand or label (by Erik VerdonckRead more

4. April: How one Millennial instigated the Harlem shake hype

Now do the Harlem Shake”: probably the most popular sentence in YouTube country in April. And it is a fact, indeed: the Harlem Shake was everywhere. In your Facebook updates, on news websites or simply on YouTube, it was impossible to not bump into one of the thousands of parodies of the Harlem Shake. But did you know that this Harlem shake hype was instigated by one Millennial? (by Natalie Mas) Read more

5. May: Test your Generation Y knowledge

GenYus quizGeneration Y (aka Millennials) is no longer just a bunch of cool kids. Today they compose the biggest active young adults group (aged 17-33) that will definitely change business, economics and society in the next 5 to 10 years. Whether you are marketing or selling to them as a target group or employing them as your new recruits, Gen Y holds the keys to your future and the future of your brand or company. But how well do you know this Generation Y? Test your knowledge of this influential group in our interactive YouTube video quiz. (by Joeri Van den Bergh) Read more

6. June: Girls, get your festival outfits ready!

And why is that? Because the start of summer equals the start of the music festival season, with Millennials all around the world looking forward to seeing their favourite bands, dancing to some electronic beats, drinking litres of beer, chilling in the green grass, but most importantly: looking forward to putting on their most special festival outfit. Find out here why festivals are now all about ‘to see and to be seen’. (by Natalie Mas) Read more

7. July: Making a forgotten beer brand cool again: the case of Vedett

Based on an interview with Anouk Lagae, CMO Duvel MoortgatIn July, Joeri Van den Bergh had the opportunity to meet the CMO of Duvel Moortgat, home of some cool Belgian beer brands with a global reputation such as Duvel; but it is also the company behind other cool brands such as Liefmans and Vedett. The full interview can be read in the article and is focused on Vedett, because of its quite extraordinary history, its unique positioning in the lager market and also because of its success with Millennials. (by Joeri Van den Bergh) Read more

8. August: Why Millennials love Tomorrowland

Logo-tomorrowlandIn August, we still felt the music festival vibes with Natalie Mas jumping around, feeling happy and excited (almost crying) at Tomorrowland. Why? Because the moment she had been waiting for, for months, was finally there. But why do Millennials love Tomorrowland (‘the madness’) so much? (by Natalie Mas) Read more

9. September: Crush-testing Grand Theft Auto V

What do you get when you combine a budget of £270 million, 5 years of work and one of greatest gaming concepts ever? You guessed it right: GTA 5! Getting a 10/10 on IGN’s website is very rare and puts the game level with the likes of other classics such as “The last of us”, “The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” and “GTA 4”. They call it “One of the best video games ever made” and “a masterpiece”. But did you know that GTA V fits perfectly within the Crush model? (by Jan VandekerckhoveRead more

10. October: Millennials & Social Media: The what, where and why [infographic]

Did you know that an average GenY’er joins 2.5 social networks or that about 80% of GenY’ers log on to social media every single day? Find out all about Millennials and their use of social media in the part I of Generation Y infographic series by InSites Consulting. Discover the main drivers for using social media and where they consult them the most. (by Joeri Van den BerghRead more

11. November: Millennials & Social Media: The power of conversations [infographic]

ConversationsDid you know that 7 out of 10 Millennials consult, react to or post about products, brands and companies on social media? Find out all about the power of conversations in part 2 of the Gen Y infographic series by InSites Consulting: Millennials & Social Media! Discover which information Generation Y consults and shares, which online sources they trust most and the top 7 conversations affecting their purchase behavior. (by Joeri Van den BerghRead more

12. December: 5 Millennial trends for 2014: Serendipity [1/5]

And finally we ended 2013 with part one of our Millennial trends series. A view on the Gen Y consumer and societal evolutions for 2014 and beyond, based on multiple brainstorms and discussion with a number of trendwatchers including Joeri Van den Bergh, Herman Konings, Tom Palmaerts, Steven Van Belleghem and Sven Mastbooms. The first one was called “serendipity”. (by Joeri Van den Bergh) Read more

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