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How the music industry keeps music videos millennial-proof How the music industry keeps music videos millennial-proof

As we all know by now, Millennials are real stimulation junkies. So how do music artists these days cope with that? A new trend among artists is to make interactive music videos to keep the attention of Gen Y while listening to the songs. This is another unique way of artists to express themselves and their creativity. Some of them are already collaborating with brands to sell clothes or other stuff. Others are making a game of their music video and some just want to tell a story and use different plots so the viewer can decide what happens in the video.

You’ll notice that a video can be interactive in many ways, but for now, you’ll the following to enjoy the list of examples given below: an Internet connection (which should not be a problem as you are reading this article), your eyes, ears and probably some interaction!

Bob DylanBob Dylan – Like a rolling stone

This 50 year old song was Dylan’s first top 10 song and he finally made a new interactive music video of it. You are watching a television and while the song is playing, you can change the channels, each of which features different characters lip-synching the words to this 1965 classic.

Death Griphs – Gif me more party

This party track takes you to a pool party through the eyes of Cesar the Pizza guy. Once you enter the party you can switch your view to every person at the party by just clicking on them. This means you can view the party from more than 20 different perspectives. You can also win a free download if you complete the 5 objectives. Just check it out yourself!

BeckBeck – Sound and Vision

Beck says hello again to David Bowie’s Sound and Vision. This cover is made with a 157-piece orchestra around the center stage. It’s recorded with 360° cameras and you can watch everything you want in the whole room from every angle. The 3 cameras are going around in circles and you can choose which one you experience the spectacle through. The webcam on your computer detects your face and the movement of your head controls the camera’s. Move your head to the left and the camera will rotate to the left, etc. It will take some time to load, but it’s definitely worth your time.

Swiss lips – Carolyn

This one is for all the retro gamers out there. Maybe you don’t like the song, but I would recommend you try it and see what happens after one minute… Carolyn gets kidnapped in a van that really looks like the one from the A-team (You know, that 80’s TV show about a group of mercenaries that fights criminals and miraculously build a tank or weapon from a kitchen robot). Your job is to save her, but you come across some obstacles which can change the sounds of the music video. You make your own remix by playing the video game.

FKi, Iggy Azalea & Diplo – I think she ready

This may well be the first interactive shoppable music video. While watching this video, you can click on the artists’ clothes which give you a pop up which brings you to an online shopping place. You can view the artists’ clothes and buy them online. I can see this happening more frequently in the future since it’s a great way for brands to reach their younger audience.

MoonesMoones – Better Energy

This band had the awesome idea to shoot their music video sober. But they wondered how it would sound if they drank some beer. So they shot the video a few times. First sober, then after 20 beers, 40 beers, 60 beers and eventually after 80 beers. Let’s just say I wouldn’t pay tickets for their concert if they drank the 80 beers every time.

For the people who are really excited about these interactive videos, here are some more to enjoy. You will need Google Chrome to play these as they are not supported by Internet Explorer. (The first 3 will work on Safari too)

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