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Holiday gifts Top 10 most wanted holiday gifts

The holiday season has officially begun, which means a lot of dinner preparations, outfit shopping, tree decorations, but most importantly: the endless quest for holiday gifts, which results in a giant feeling of uncertainty most of the time; ‘What to buy for your father, uncle, niece, sister, brother, best friend, girl- or boyfriend?’ During the past months, you probably received a lot of hints regarding what to buy for your loved ones, but now you’ve forgotten them all (typical). Well, at least, I did. And let’s be honest, the famous tagline “All I want for Christmas is you” won’t help us here neither ;).

Fortunately, Prime Visibility took a look at the gifts that are being mentioned on holiday wish lists on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media these days. Based on the aggregation of over one million social media conversations about holiday wish lists, they set up a top 10 most wanted gifts and hottest gifts by category. There you’ll see, for example, that cash is the most wanted gift this holiday season, together with gift vouchers and an iPhone… But what I did not expect, was that Justin Bieber’s movie ‘Believe’ would be in the fourth place. I guess there are a lot more ‘Beliebers’ on this planet than we think ;).

Anyway, if you still need some holiday gifts inspiration, I’m sure you’ll find it in the infographic below! And if you need even more inspiration, this Millennial holiday tech wish list from YPulse will definitely help you as well. YPulse asked Millennials (14-30) what kind of technical devices, gadgets and accessories they (Millennials) would like to receive this holiday season, which resulted in this infographic.

I hope these hints will help you further in your search for the perfect gift… Good luck with your quest!



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