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And they lived happily ever after And they lived happilY…

Weddings; I wonder what comes to mind when you think about this word… Some of you will think: “Not my thing at all”, others will think “I cannot wait to organize my dream wedding in a big castle with my knight in shining armor”, while others again will just think about plenty of proposals or odd wedding dances you’ve spotted on YouTube. Well, you might think these movies are odd, but actually they are not. In the last few years, Millennials got a new perspective on the whole wedding thing; it has become a rethinking of a tradition which is all about embracing experiences, a shift from traditional to non-traditional ideas.

Why settle for a traditional limo, white wedding dress or a Bryan Adams wedding dance if you can use your imagination and create a truly unique wedding? That is precisely what Millennials want. As stated in ‘How Cool Brands Stay Hot’, they want to be in full control of everything they do and do not just passively accept what is given to them. They adore freedom and push the boundaries. They believe that creativity is the most important trait their generation should possess, which is why they want to customize everything. A customized life, a customized career and… a customized wedding. Customizing is seen as a need, not a luxury item. And that is where the creativity starts. From proposal to heading down the aisle, everything originates from the imagination and creativity of this generation.

Will you marry me?

This question has become a lot more for Generation Y then just going down on one knee and asking the question. When you think about new non-traditional wedding trends that have arisen in the last few years, I’m sure original proposals automatically come to mind. The question and the knee are still there, but apparently they are not enough. You have to turn it into a real experience, preferably one many people witness. Probably one of the most popular ones is the one where the girl got proposed to by her boyfriend while she was at the movies with her brother; suddenly she spotted a movie trailer with her boyfriend and father in it… The movie went viral and already has about 28 million (!) views. Don’t even try and make me believe you didn’t get tears in your eyes or goose bumps while watching it, because that’s almost impossible. If you’ve not had enough yet, also check out this lip dub proposal and this very cute flash mob proposal. And for the die hards, here’s another one you really need to check out :).

Will you marry me

The first slow… or not?

And talking of originality: wedding dances are getting more and more ‘pimped’, as we would say. More and more couples are doing away with the traditional wedding songs and accompanying slow dancing. Instead, they try and turn it into an experience, a routine they worked hard on and which is fun, romantic and surprising for the audience, their guests. You do not really know what I mean? Take a look at this one or this one,  and you’ll immediately know what I mean.

Gifts, gifts and more gifts

TravelingAnd when thinking about non-traditional things, we Millennials definitely don’t want a dishwasher, a toaster or a pepper grinder as a wedding gift. According to an article of YPulse, the most popular wedding gift categories for 2013 were all about getting out there and making big dreams come true rather than about tangible things. They want to extend the experience of their wedding and want their gifts to be an experience as well. So give them travel vouchers to explore the world or hundreds of scratch cards. THAT will make them happy.

So if you’re about to propose to your girlfriend or are currently organizing a wedding, don’t forget: turn it into a unique event, personalize it and bring it back to the core: just the two of you.

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