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Traveling youth A new generation of travelers

Millennials are not the travelers their baby boomer parents are. In fact, if you think about it, a GenYer first solo travel experience was most likely a hostel. The social aspect of hostels appeals to them, as it’s a great way to meet new people, even when traveling alone. But what is essential to this generation when going on holiday? I believe it’s a good bed, an affordable room and a trendy surrounding. But of course it’s not just the essentials which matter; what really makes them tick is the ‘uniqueness’ of a room, that one thing which sets them apart from the others. That one thing which makes them share a picture of their room, their surroundings on their social media account.

Over the past year a hype of trendy hostels has been popping up. We’ve gathered a small selection for you. And okay, the summer’s almost gone but there are three other seasons in a year, so maybe you’ll gather some inspiration for your forthcoming holidays 😉

  • The Freehand Miami Hostel is a true upscale hostel. The owners restored the old art deco building into a trendy hang-out with bunk beds, a cool bar and swimming pool and plenty of music and entertaining activities.
  • At the Russian Sleepbox all the rooms are truly special as you’re staying in a capsule. Offering you a compact yet functional room, it’s a whole new concept in travel comfort & convenience.
  • Matchbox Singapore is a concept hostel, located in Chinatown, surrounded by cafés, restaurants, bars and chic retail shops. The rooms are bright and have a fun retro interior. Even the toilets are brightly colored.
  • Lub d, meaning ‘sleep well’, is a premium hostel located in Siam Square, Bangkok. The hostel is designed to match the flashpacker style of travel. Its funky décor gives you the feeling of staying in a boutique hotel.
  • And finally the Generator Hostels; I just couldn’t resist sharing the full description of their website, as this just brilliantly explains what sets this new style of hostels apart: ‘I am Generator and I am much, much, much more than a hostel accommodation in Europe. I’m the hub of your trip, the shoulder to lean on, the help getting through the language barrier, the great night in that killer bar, the fantastic lunch, the outrageous interior and most of all the start of your urban adventure. Not your average European hostel.’ You can find them in seven European cities (Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, Venice and London).

And there are probably so many more to discover! Feel free to share your suggestions here!

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2 Responses to “A new generation of travelers”

  1. darijan

    In Ljubljana, Slovenia we have a world famous Hostel Celica (http://www.hostelcelica.com/hostel) which is actually former prison where 20 cells were transformed into the rooms by over 80 artists making each one unique work of art and experience.

    The Hostel also won several prizes, among them in 2005 Lonely Planet’s Blue List named Celica #1 among World’s hippest hostels (http://hostelcelica.wordpress.com/2012/12/06/recognitions-awards/)

  2. Marijs

    I can only recommend Lub D at Siam Square. For me it was the perfect location in Bangkok. Straight below the Skytrain and not too close near Kao San Road. Perfect stay!


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