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Festival Festivalshop till you drop

The festival season has officially kicked off! A lot of brands have been preparing their festival presence for months and it promises to be an exciting season. We just love the new trend of festival shops popping up. Pop-up shops are one of the latest ways to appeal to the stimulation junkie characteristic of Gen Yers and it’s no surprise this demographic group shows the biggest interest in this type of guerrilla marketing.

What to expect this summer?

There is the H&M Loves Music campaign opening Music Pop Up Stores on festivals around the world. The store offers you a chance to recycle your old t-shirt for a free new one. And it doesn’t stop there, the Freshen’ Up Corner even offers H&M make-up to match your face with your new outfit (or just hide those baggy eyes).

In Belgium & the Netherlands, HEMA introduces their HEMA Festivalshop. The Shop offers festival visitors the necessary HEMA goodies to survive a festival, from sunscreen and sunglasses to a toothbrush and sleeping bags. The full festival catalogue is of course also available online and in the regular shops, also offering happiness to those unfortunate few who didn’t get a ticket for the festival.

HEMA Festivalshop

But there’s more to festivals than shopping! No, I’m still not talking about the music… 😉 The Samsung Wash ‘n Dry campaign also caught our eye. Samsung will dominate the campground of Rock Werchter this year with their free Wash ‘n Dry booths. Just hand in your dirty clothes at their booth and pick them up clean and fresh 2 hours later.

And to end, last year Lipton Ice Tea refreshed our summer with their Keep your head cool campaign. The brand organized a daily Big Splash on a variety of festivals, offering a refreshing festival shower to everyone who needed to cool down. A great alternative for the long queues at the campground showers, so I’m curious to see what they’ve come up with for this summer.

Lipton Ice Tea Big Splash

And there will be more cool campaigns over the summer on festivals around the world, so share your highlights with us via #coolbrands or our Facebook page.

Don’t you just love festivals? Oh, and of course the music bands aren’t that bad 😉

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