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Most popular devices Gen Y: Most popular devices

We all know what Carly Rae Jepsen’s favourite device is. And she’s not the only Millennial whose favourite is the mobile phone. According to this VIACOM infographic in the Next Normal survey, mobile phones are the number 1 owned device amongst Millennials. 69% of Gen Yers own a mobile phone and 2 out of 3 love their mobile phone and could not live without it. They don’t just use it to ‘Call them, maybe?’, but also to send text messages and take pictures.

The second most owned device, the computer, is the most loved: 4 out of 5 Millennials love their computer and could not live without it. More of the older Millennials have their own laptop (82% of 25 – 30 year olds) compared to younger Millennials (9 – 14 year olds). Tablets and e-readers are still not that popular: 9% of Gen Yers own an e-reader and 16% a tablet. These devices are most popular in China.

The third most owned device is the TV. 57% of Millennials own a TV themselves and all of them have access to one. Almost 50% of Gen Yers access TV content online. Love and dependence on TV gets smaller when people get older.

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