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Festival outfit Girls, get your festival outfits ready!

And why is that? Because the music festival season has begun, with Millennials all around the world looking forward to seeing their favourite bands, dancing to some electronic beats, drinking litres of beer, chilling in the green grass, but most importantly: looking forward to putting on their most special festival outfit. I’m sure that all of you have already thought about this as well, having some festivals in prospect for the summer. As stated in an article in YPulse, music festivals no longer are just about music . They have become events for Millennials ‘to see and to be seen’. Because at any music festival, there are always two shows going on simultaneously: the performers‘ shows on stage and…the fashion show in the audience.

The fashion show in the audience?

We all know that festival wear is distinctly different from everyday street fashion. Think about the Grecian-inspired maxi dresses, flower-crown headpieces, mini denim shorts, loose colourful tops and oversized sunglasses; these are outfits Millennials obviously aren’t wearing in their daily lives, or at least not all of them at the same time. That’s because music festivals have a culture of their own, fostering an environment of free-spirited expression.

Millennials have reached the age of self-discovery at a difficult time. Music and fashion have always provided the ultimate escape from everyday stress, already in the late 60s, when Woodstock was one of the most famous festivals on earth. And now more than ever, Millennials still need to escape from this daily life once in a while. For them, festivals have become an escapist showcase, where what you wear is so much about removing yourself from the stress and norms of daily life; it’s about freedom; it’s about a unique expression.

What brands do with it

Some brands have already figured out how to tap into this escapist festival market. They know people will go shopping weeks or months prior to their favourite festival, simply to find the right outfit. And they will find it, as brands like ASOS or Forever 21 are launching their own festival collection into the market, for all of you.

So, if you want to ‘dress to impress’ this summer, go and get your new festival outfit!
And if you don’t know where to start, keep in mind the 5 rules of festival fashion:

  • Wear light colours and lightweight, easy to wear and versatile fabrics which keep you cool
  • Wear flat sandals, preferably überstylish ones
  • Wear a pretty printed maxi skirt or dress, which simply expresses: “Summer has arrived!”
  • Wear denim “boyfriend” shorts, not too short and not too long
  • Wear protective accessories, such as sunglasses, summer scarves or head wraps

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