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In last week’s blogpost about Millennials and social media, we saw that almost 8 in 10 Millennials have a social networking profile, Facebook being the most popular one, and about 40% of GenYers participate in social media for TV-related reasons. In this VIACOM infographic we dig a little deeper to see how social media have an impact on the tv-viewing behaviour of Millennials. The results of this study come from a survey that was conveyed in 5 countries: the US, the UK, Germany, Brazil and Russia.

Every week, Millennial viewers engage in an average of 10 TV-related activities on social media platforms:

  • On average, 72% of GenYers who use social media for TV-related reasons interact with friends and other fans and look at other people’s comments
  • 66% of them search for information on the show and those involved in it
  • 61% share by recommending to others and by posting comments, links, video clips or pictures/images
  • 61% watch full episodes or clips/trailers

Three types of motivations for TV-related social media use emerged:

VIACOM - When Networks Network

1. Functional motivations

Function is the most important motivation when it comes to TV-related social media use. Viewers are more interested in the content and experiences offered by networks and TV shows than in communicating with others on social media.

  • 44% use social media to stay informed about air dates
  • 45% keep up with the latest show news
  • 37% of them use social media to access exclusive show info
  • 36% use it to access exclusive videos and plot clues

Functional motives are stronger for teens and young adults. Viewers aged 13 to 17 are more likely to use social media to search for show schedules and exclusive videos whereas Millennials aged 18 and 24 are more likely to search for the latest show news and to access spoilers.

2. Communal motivations

Millennial viewers use social media to brand themselves and share their taste (34%), to connect with the show (28%) and to connect with other fans (28%).

When Millennials “like” a show on Facebook or “follow” a show on Twitter, 75% of them are more likely to watch that show. On average viewers watch more TV shows in three ways (live, stream, reruns) and engage more with TV shows and channels on digital platforms:

  • 41% access its social media more
  • 39% visit show/channel sites more often
  • 27% are more likely to download related apps

3. Playful motivations

The third motivation is playful experiences:

  • 25% of Millennials play games
  • 24% of them play for rewards and freebies by entering contests
  • 24% of GenYers complete quizzes or polls

Social media games help bring in new viewers: 30% of respondents had played a game connected to a show before watching the show in question. About half of them reported watching a show more frequently because of the show’s social media game. Game shows, comedy and reality shows come in as the top genres for gaming.

In general, social media is the third ranked medium (39%) as source of show discovery, behind TV promos (54%) and word of mouth (50%). The exception is Brazil, where social media ranked even higher as source of show discovery, second only to TV promos. 70 % are likely to watch the live debut of a show that was discovered on social media versus 48% live if it was discovered elsewhere.

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