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Nivea Solar Ad Charger Charge your mobile phone with Nivea

Imagine summer in Brazil! You’re enjoying the sunshine, the beach, tanning… There’s absolutely no reason to leave the sun until you realize your mobile phone is about to die. I’m sure you can imagine tons of other situations where your phone just let you down. And it’s just that insight that Nivea played on in their latest advertising campaign. Last weekend Nivea launched a new print ad campaign in Veja Rio (Brazil) letting beachgoers use solar energy to charge their mobile phones.

A strong campaign by Nivea (together with Giovanni + Draftfcb) as we believe it scores highly on all 5 components of the CRUSH model. Let’s run through them!

  • Coolness: It’s cool, it’s new, it’s something to talk about.
  • Realness: Nivea sticked to their roots and their brand DNA. Sun screen, the beach, Nivea. And next to that they also care about society and the environment using solar energy in a useful way.
  • Uniqueness: Good job Nivea for being the first to use this innovation.
  • Self-identification: Gen Y’s self identification with a campaign is essential. Using the always connected/always on insight, this campaign really meets the desires of Generation Y.
  • Happiness: Millennials are an emotional consumer generation, making them happy is the most important emotion brands should work on. It goes without saying that this campaign brings happiness to Generation Y offering them the chance to stay connected with friends via their cell phones.

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