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The Next Normal Generation Y and Social Media

In 2007, The Hampdens sang about ‘Generation Y’: “Meet me tonight on MySpace, I’ll be there, waiting.” Had it been 5 years later, it would probably have been Facebook they would have sang about… In this third infographic from The Next Normal survey of the VIACOM International Media Network, we see which social medium is used most by Millennials. More results from the survey can be found on the VIMNInsights Tumblr.

Generally spoken, 77% of Gen Yers have an account on a social media network. The most used social networking site is of course Facebook, with 92% of GenYers worldwide having an account on it, followed by Twitter (37%) and Google+ (25%). In some countries the local social networks play an important part, though… Examples are Russia (Vkontakte), Brazil (Orkut) and Spain (Tuenti).

On average, Millennials have an account on three social media networks. In the UK the average is 2 and in China 4. Since China has the second lowest percentage (68%) of Millennials who have a social medium account, after Japan (47%), this means that the ones who are active are very active and on more social networks. Brazil is the country with the highest percentage of GenYers with a social network account (92%).

65% of social networks are accessed from a home PC, compared to 17% which is accessed through mobile devices. And although Facebook is the most popular social network site overall, Twitter is the one which is accessed most through mobile devices.

Two out of five engage in some form of TV-related social media activity; yet again, China is the most active country (68%), followed by Turkey (55%) and Egypt (54%).

VIACOM The Next Normal - Social Media

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