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Moxy Hotel What IKEA and Marriott have in store for Gen Y

Did you ever think that IKEA and the well known hotel chain Marriott would collaborate for the purpose of what they call ‘the next generation’? Then you probably haven’t heard about Moxy yet. Last summer, Inter IKEA (IKEA’s parent company) announced that it was partnering with Marriott to create a new affordable hotel chain, not just for Generation X or Generation Y, but for all people with a younger mindset for whom contemporary style is paramount.

According to Arne Sorenson, the CEO of Marriott International: “every aspect of the hotel was thoughtfully researched and crafted to reflect and deliver on the changing lifestyles and expectations of this fast-growing customer segment.” Aiming to draw in the Millennial traveler, Moxy will open hotels in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Belgium and about 150 other locations across Europe. The first is expected to open in Milan, Italy next year and the new hotel chain will be the Marriott’s first budget brand in Europe.

Oddly, the hotels won’t feature any of the IKEA furniture as they have found another way to keep costs down. Some of its savings will come from customers who are used to self-service and new technology, such as mobile check-in and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. Each hotel have between 150 and 300 rooms and each room will have a large flat screen TV and built in USB ports in each wall socket. But that’s not all. Just check the promotional video to find out all the other things ‘Moxy Hotels’ has to offer & maybe you’ll be one of the visitors of Moxy in the near future!

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