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How Cool Brands Stay Hot: edition 2 Out now! Edition 2: How Cool Brands Stay Hot (updated and revised)

Since the release of the first edition of our book, we have been positively surprised by the amount of appreciation and interest we experienced from journalists, conference organizers and marketing and advertising practitioners from all around the world. It seems that the timing of publishing a book on the subject of branding and marketing to the new generation of consumers was plain right. We have had the unique opportunity to travel the world and present the content of the first edition from Las Vegas to Manila. Along the way of over 200 presentations and workshops in the past years, we have learned a lot from reader’s feedback and obtained new insights and perspectives with every new engagement. We were honoured with great awards such as Expert Marketer’s Marketing Book of the Year 2011 in Europe and the Berry-AMA award for Best Marketing Book 2012 in the US. And hadn’t expected, nor dreamed of such a wonderful praise.

So when preparing this second edition, we felt that we had to do more than just update the facts and figures. We have added a more global perspective with new case studies from Asia, the US and Eastern Europe as well as new global research projects we have executed ourselves in the past two years. We have inserted new up and coming marketing topics such as crowd-sourcing and co-creation, gamification, employer branding and global versus local brand identity. We have more focus on the social media parts of campaigns and social branding. There are some new non-profit case studies in this edition such as the Ex-Smokers campaign, LUTA and Music for Life. Through our in-company workshops and presentations, we got in touch with many interesting marketing and advertising people. It allowed us to increase the practitioner’s view on the topics we deal with in our book. For this edition we did 24 new interviews with global brand directors and CMO’s of great brands in various industries such as:

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (Heineken, Pepsico, Heinz, Beiersdorf)
  • Apparel (Diesel/55DSL, Converse, Abercrombie&Fitch, Eastpak, Crumpler)
  • Pharma (Durex and UCB)
  • Tech & Telco (Microsoft, eBay)
  • Media & Entertainment (BBC, VRT, Tomorrowland)
  • Finance (MasterCard International)
  • Food retail (KFC)
  • Automotive (Mini)

We hope this second edition will be as much appreciated as the initial one and of course even readers of the first edition should refresh their knowledge with all this new material.

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